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Donor Support

What does it take to create an arboretum? It takes vision, careful thought, a lot of planning, many enthusiastic and talented people, commitment, physical work and, of course, financial resources. That’s where the Arboretum’s donors, memorials, tributes, grants and bequests help create the margin of excellence needed for this educational undertaking. It’s the generosity of individuals, families, organizations, businesses and voluntary organizations of every type that make the difference in helping fund the unique and special features of Winona State’s Arboretum.

There are many ways in which your contributions can be designated. Gifts of any amount may be directed to the WSU Landscape Arboretum to provide resources in areas of greatest need. Donors may wish to memorialize a  family member or special friend through a contribution or celebrate a significant anniversary or other special event by selecting from among the Arboretum’s list of available trees, shrubs and perennial beds, or other sponsorship opportunities. You could even fund a memorial garden as a dedication.

There are several opportunities to support the arboretum. All sponsors and their gifts will be acknowledged on the Arboretum website and other appropriate forms of recognition.

Listed below are specific items and their contribution amounts.

  • Sponsor educational signage (plants, trees, shrubs, grasses, etc.): $100
  • Sponsor interpretive signage (major informational signs): $500-$1000
  • Adopt an existing tree, shrubs group, perennial flower or ornamental grass bed—includes educational signage: $500
  • Sponsor a new tree or shrub, individual or group (from approved list) including educational signage: $1000-$3000
  • Sponsor educational outreach (educational materials, student/faculty research, workshops, seminars, short-courses, training, student internships, etc.): $1000
  • Sponsor a bench or bike rack (naming rights): $2000
  • Establish an endowment (naming rights): $10,000 or more
  • Sponsor the renewal of a garden or interpretive area—including educational signage: $10,000 or more
  • Establish a new garden area (naming rights): variable amounts
  • Arboretum naming rights: $1,000,000
  • Create an endowed arboretum position (naming rights): $1,000,000
  • Planned Giving (stock, estate gifts): (No minimums)

Currently identified campus landscape features available for sponsorship and/or naming, including proposed gift amounts:

Sponsor: any of the 52 species of tress comprising the "Minnesota Collection" on campus are available for adoption at $500 per tree.

Sponsorship and naming rights:

  • Tau Center Courtyard Garden (restoration costs and naming): $40,000
  • IWC Native Prairie Garden (maintenance and naming): $60,000
  • Pasteur Native Prairie Garden (maintenance and naming): $25,000
  • Maria Hall Rain Garden (renewal and naming): $15,000
  • Schoen Knot Garden (Phelps Hall, restoration/10 yr. naming rights to the restoration of the garden): $10,000
  • IWC bioswale rain gardens (2): $ 7,500 (each)
Native trees and shrubs that represent the southeastern Minnesota region, along with non-native specimens, tolerant of the climate of the Upper Midwest, are welcome additions to the campus arboretum’s collection. Donors interested in this type of donation, either as a memorial or celebratory tribute may contact the WSU Landscape Arboretum Director to select a species from the preferred list, and help identify potential sites. Arrangements for sponsoring an existing tree and its maintenance on campus can also be arranged. Tree and shrub donations and sponsorships represent living tributes to special persons or occasions in life, and add beauty, diversity and educational richness to the campus’s urban forest.
Species of native perennial plants and grasses that represent the southeastern Minnesota region, in addition to non-native specimens, which are tolerant of the climate of the Upper Midwest, are welcome additions to the arboretum’s gardens. Donors interested in this type of donation may contribute to a newly planned garden or existing garden that is being renewed, and may do so as a memorial or tribute to a special person or occasion. Interested donors may contact the WSU Landscape Arboretum Director to identify desired plant material and garden sites on campus. Native plants and grasses help tell the unique story of the southeastern Minnesota Driftless area, and add great beauty to the campus landscape.

You can learn more about contributing to the WSU Landscape Arboretum by calling 507.457.5020 or addressing inquiries to:

WSU Landscape Arboretum
Winona State University
University Advancement Office, Somsen Hall 204
Winona, MN 55987

Help the WSU Landscape Arboretum grow with a tax deductible gift and join WSU’s “community of learners improving our world."