Philosophy Program

The Philosophy Program at Winona State offers three minors.


The Philosophy minor provides a solid foundation in logic, ethics and the history of philosophy. It also helps students develop crucial intellectual skills such as critical thinking, logical reasoning and conceptual analysis; in short, it helps students learn to think for themselves. Emphasis is balanced between philosophical content and the cultivation of philosophical thinking.

Two courses are required in the History of Philosophy (one of which must be Classical Philosophy), one course in logic or critical thinking, one course in Moral Philosophy and any two other Philosophy courses as elective. 


The Ethics minor is designed for students who wish to integrate their philosophical and ethical inquiries into their major program or career path. The minor includes a small number of required philosophy courses as well as a significant amount of flexibility in interdisciplinary electives.

Students can tailor their minor to focus on ethical issues pertaining to areas such as business, health care, social justice, politics, criminal justice or the environment. Students enrolled in the minor will explore a variety of issues and perspectives across disciplinary lines and will be taught to think critically about significant ethical problems. 

Conflict Studies

The Conflict Studies minor at WSU gives students an opportunity to study violent conflict and its resolution from an interdisciplinary perspective. It is flexible, with only two required courses and a varied list of electives to choose from, so students can tailor their program to meet their own needs and interests.

Because violence occurs in so many contexts, a deeper understanding of its nature, causes and justifications can benefit students pursuing many different career goals, including careers in media and journalism, government and politics, international organizations, military and veterans' affairs and veterans' counseling, social work and law enforcement. 

Courses must be taken on a grade-only basis to count toward the minor.