What is the Supplement to Instruction Program?

The Supplement to Instruction Program (S2I) is a program where student leaders facilitate twice-weekly study sessions for a particular course. The S2I leader is paid to attend the lecture and then plans activities to structure the study sessions. 

Most S2I Leaders work 6-8 hours a week, but may increase their hours by tutoring in addition to being an S2I Leader. Generally, S2I leaders are recruited from a list of outstanding students generated by the faculty teaching a course that is supported by the Supplement to Instruction Program. For more information, check out the S2I FAQ.

S2i Leader(s)  Study Session Dates and Times Location 
BIOL 209
Samantha Skaar and Daniela Eguizabal
Monday 6-7:30 Pasteur 229
BIOL 211
Garbrecht Claire Nievinski and Katie Armstrong
Tuesday 7-8:30 
Pasteur 329
Thursday 5:30-7 Pasteur 133
BIOL 212
Wilson Jenny Connell and Rachel Frericks
Monday 5:30-7 or 7-8:30
Thursday 5:30-7 or 7-8:30
Pasteur 337
BIOL 212
Spencer Treu and Taylor Broder
Tuesday 7-8:30
Pasteur 337
Thursday 5:30-7 Pasteur 329 
BIOL 212 Ragsdale
Pheobe Sebranek
Tuesday and Thursday 6-7:30 Pasteur 229
CHEM 210
Alexa Thesing and Colin Engesser
Monday and Wednesday 6-7:30 Pasteur 329
CHEM 340
Frank Beissel Monday and Wednesday 7-8:30 Pasteur 237
Pasteur 337
CHEM 351 Nalli Nick Wagner
Tuesday and Thursday 7-8:30 Pasteur 237 (March 1 - Stark 106)
HERS 205
Macon Alyssa Freichels
Friday 12-12:50 Maxwell 378