What is the Supplement to Instruction Program?

The Supplement to Instruction Program (S2I) is a program where student leaders facilitate twice-weekly study sessions for a particular course. The S2I leader is paid to attend the lecture and then plans activities to structure the study sessions. 

Most S2I Leaders work 6-8 hours a week, but may increase their hours by tutoring in addition to being an S2I Leader. Generally, S2I leaders are recruited from a list of outstanding students generated by the faculty teaching a course that is supported by the Supplement to Instruction Program. For more information, check out the S2I FAQ.

Fill out the S2I end-of-semester feedback survey.

S2i Leader(s)  Study Session Dates and Times Location 
BIOL 209
Samantha Skaar and Daniela Eguizabal
Monday 6-7:30 Pasteur 229
BIOL 211
Garbrecht Claire Nievinski and Katie Armstrong
Tuesday 7-8:30 
Pasteur 329
Thursday 5:30-7 Pasteur 133
BIOL 212
Wilson Jenny Connell and Rachel Frericks
Monday 5:30-7 or 7-8:30
Thursday 5:30-7 or 7-8:30
Pasteur 337
BIOL 212
Spencer Treu and Taylor Broder
Tuesday 7-8:30
Pasteur 337
Thursday 5:30-7 Pasteur 329 
BIOL 212 Ragsdale
Pheobe Sebranek
Tuesday and Thursday 6-7:30 Pasteur 229
CHEM 210
Alexa Thesing and Colin Engesser
Monday and Wednesday 6-7:30 Pasteur 329
CHEM 340
Frank Beissel Monday and Wednesday 7-8:30 Pasteur 237
Pasteur 337
CHEM 351 Nalli Nick Wagner
Tuesday and Thursday 7-8:30 Pasteur 237 (March 1 - Stark 106)
HERS 205
Macon Alyssa Freichels
Friday 12-12:50 Maxwell 378