RN-BS Courses

The RN-BS Completion major is 30 credits for students beginning the RN-BS Completion program in Fall 2017 or later.

Classes are offered in Rochester, La Crescent, and Red Wing. Nursing classes are available online or a blended/hybrid format. Students may need to take additional courses to meet graduation requirements.

RN-BS Completion curriculum for students beginning the program in Fall 2017 or later:

Course Number
Course Title
NURS 375
Research and Evidence-Based Practice*
NURS 415
Concepts in Nursing
NURS 435
Holistic Assessment
NURS 445
Leadership and Management
NURS 455
Issues and Trends in Managing Chronic Conditions
NURS 465
Population-Based Health Care II**
NURS 475
Population-Based Health Care I**
NURS 491
Professional Engagement

*Students must complete Statistics prior to enrollment in NURS 375.
**NURS 475 (Population-Based Health Care I) and NURS 465 (Population-Based Health Care II) require practice hours outside of scheduled class times.

See the university catalog for course descriptions for RN-BS Completion.

RN-BS classes may be completed on a part-time or full-time basis. Most students choose to complete the program over a two year period. See Plans of Study for the location where you hope to attend classes: Rochester/La Crescent, or Red Wing.

Upper level electives (see graduation requirements) should be completed or in progress prior to beginning RN-BS courses.