Mass Communication Programs

WSU’s Mass Communication Department offers 3 majors and 5 minors. We also offer a master’s degree in Strategic Communication. 

Our programs provide students with the experience they need to communicate in mass markets using an array of media: newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, Internet, photography and more.

We also prepare students to take advantage of future careers that may not even exist yet in the communication world.

Advertising and Public Relations majors complete Campaigns, a capstone course that simulates what it’s like to work as a real-world agency on a strategic communication campaign for their products and services. You’ll get hands-on experience collaborating with a client before you graduate, giving you an edge on the competition in the job market.

Undergraduate Programs


The minors in Mass Communication all have a different focus area. 

Graduate Program

The Mass Communication Department is happy to offer students the Strategic Communication graduate program.

Through this program, you can earn your master’s degree completely online in as little as 2 years. Learn how to be a responsible, equity-minded communicator and advance your career. 

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