Douglas J. Dallier

Douglas J. Dallier earned his PhD from the Florida State University College of Criminology and Criminal Justice and has published articles on topics such as social injury, state crime, authoritarianism, unjust persecution, the war on drugs, and scientific falsifiability.

His previous research activities include understanding linkages between criminology, law, and science, and explicating the organizational dynamics involved in facilitating the Holocaust and other socially injurious phenomena.

In addition to these activities, Dr. Dallier has conducted national-level studies concerning attitudes toward capital punishment, and he served as archivist for the late Cambridge criminologist Sir Leon Radzinowicz, which played a small role in assisting the International Criminal Court in the successful prosecution of former Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes.

Dr. Dallier’s areas of interest include comparative criminology, crimes against humanity, unjust persecution, critical and conflict perspectives, and the evolution of thought on the etiology (and control) of deviant and criminal behavior.

His current research concerns the cross-national comparability of Japanese crime statistics, the role of critical thinking in the education of police officers, the development of anti-racist pedagogy at post-secondary institutions, and understanding the bureaucratic agency involved in perpetuating social injury.

He has previously taught criminology, criminal justice, and sociology courses for Florida State University, Western Carolina University, and the University of Maryland Global Campus – Asian division on their campuses in Japan.


  • PhD | Florida State University
  • MS | Florida State University
  • BS | Florida State University
Douglas J. Dallier
Associate Professor

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