WSU students and employees have access to copy machines on campus for personal use and departmental use.

Personal Copies

The cost for personal copies is $0.10 per copy. 

Public coin-operated copiers are in Krueger Library. Campus copiers for students and employees are located at:

  • Krueger Library 
  • Prentiss/Lucas Hall 
  • Sheehan Hall 
  • Student Union 

These copy machines require a Warrior ID card with a connected Purple Pass account to use. Your Purple Pass account will be debited for the number of copies made.

Department Copy Cards & Copy Privileges

The cost for a department, organization, and student clubs is $0.04 per copy.

When a copy card is swiped at the card reader, the Campus Card system tracks the:

  • Number of copies 
  • Date
  • Time 
  • Location of Copy Machine

There are two ways to charge copies to a specific University cost center: 

  • Department Copy Cards 
  • Copy Privileges – Faculty/Staff Warrior ID

Complete a Copy Card Request Form (PDF) to:  

  • request a new Department Copy Card
  • order duplicate cards
  • activate a current WSU Warrior ID with copy privileges
  • change a card
  • delete a card

When a person with copy card privileges ends their employment at WSU, a form must be completed with a Delete Request to terminate the account.

At the end of each month, a report is generated and sent to the Cost Allocation Manager to charge each department, organization, and student club for their monthly copy card usage. 

Contact the Campus Card Office
Campus Card Office
Maxwell 233


Email the Campus Card Office
Office Hours

Academic Year: 8am–4:30pm

Summer: 8am–4pm