Jim Parlow

Assistant Professor

Professor Jim Parlow has 15 years of experience with the La Crosse, WI police department as a street officer. 

He served as a beat officer, which included squad, motorcycle, bicycle and foot patrol duty, in both plain clothes and uniform. Parlow is a member of the Honor Guard, EAP, and CISM.

He is also an Evidence Technician, an FTO and trainer, and supervisor of the LCPD Explorer Scouts.

With degrees from Winona State and St. Cloud State, he began teaching at Viterbo University in LaCrosse.

He moved to Cedar Rapids, IA to assume the position of Program Coordinator for the Law Enforcement program at Hamilton College (now Kaplan University).

After moving back to LaCrosse, he took a position with Upper Iowa University before being called to Winona State to assume the duties of POST Coordinator and instructor.

His interests in the field include developing better candidates for law enforcement employment, training LE with simulators, and speaking and training on the LE/Transgender community relationship.