Get Support

Everyone needs support to be successful. At WSU, we know that it often takes a team effort to help you reach graduation.

The Office of Equity & Inclusive Excellence can help you take the steps you need to achieve your goals.

Whether you’re looking for additional advising support, advocacy and care after experiences of violence, or options for financial support to help you stay successful here at WSU, we are here to help.

Talk to an Advisor

Feeling unsure about what’s needed for you to get to graduation? Are you struggling with something in your life that’s making it hard to focus on college right now?

Get in touch with the Intercultural & Completion Coordinators for an advising appointment.

Whether it’s a personal, career, academic and financial issue, they will listen, understand and help you figure out ways to keep working toward your goals.

They know about all the resources on campus and can connect you with Financial Aid, Student Support Services, Business Office and other campus service offices.

They can even partner you with a mentor to make your first year at WSU easier.

Meet with a Confidential Advocate

Our confidential advocate is here to provide confidential and trauma-informed support services when you need them the most.

Violence (including sexual violence, dating and domestic violence, and stalking) and discrimination happens on college campuses throughout the world, including Winona State.

WSU's campus advocate is here to support you, help you understand your rights and assist you in making informed, personal decisions.

Additionally, students can reach out to the Advocacy Center of Winona to learn about resources, services, and support available throughout the WSU campus community.

Connect with Campus & Community Resources

Discover all the ways you can get connected.

Students have access to many equitable support services through campus and the community.

There are also DACA resources for undocumented students.

Apply for Scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to earn free money for your educational goals.

The Equity & Inclusive Excellence Office offers scholarships up to $2,000.

Faculty & Staff Resources

Take your classroom to the next level with resources to foster greater understanding and encourage students to consider cultural perspectives.