Resources for Student Employee Supervisors

Be an effective supervisor with resources for managing student employees, approving timesheets, and reporting workplace injuries. 

As a supervisor, you can provide not only the opportunity for student employees to earn money, but you also offer experiences and transferable skills they may use in their personal or professional lives beyond WSU. 

Approve Student Timesheets

At the end of each pay period, supervisors must ensure that hours submitted on a timesheet accurately reflect the time worked by the student. It is best practice to have student employees enter their time on a daily basis to ensure hours are logged correctly. 

Approve Student Timesheets

Reporting Injury on the Job

Injuries sustained by a student employee while they perform their job duties are covered by Worker’s Compensation. The student must be in employment status (hired) at the time of the injury.

A student employee is responsible for notifying their supervisor of an injury and for helping to complete the reporting form quickly and accurately. 

Injury reports must be filed within 24 hours. Fines are assessed for late reporting.

Do not delay seeking emergency medical attention to report an injury. Get immediate care from Winona Health or Olmsted Medical Center.

How to Report Work-Related Injuries 

Any serious injuries should be verbally reported to the Human Resources Office immediately. 

  1. The student employee should report the injury to their supervisor or designated alternate staff member right away
  2. If the injury requires medical attention, go to Winona Health in Winona or Olmsted Medical Center in Rochester. If first aid information is needed, call the Worker’s Compensation Managed Care Nurseline at 1.800.486.2913.
  3. The supervisor should contact Human Resources as soon as possible to get the accident report forms for Worker’s Compensation

Contact the Human Resources Office with any questions about accident reports or Worker’s Compensation.

Forms & Resources

  • Coaching and Corrective Action Form (PDF) – This form outlines steps to take with a student employee to improve their performance
  • Earned Sick & Safe Time Notice (PDF) – This state law went into effect Jan. 1, 2024
  • Example Application Form (PDF) – This form provides an example application that a supervisor may ask students to complete when applying for a student employment position
  • Example Evaluation Form (PDF) – Use this template when conducting a student employee performance review
  • Example Interview Form (PDF) – Use these sample questions when interviewing candidates for a student position
  • FICA Withholding Form (PDF) – Complete this form for any student who will be working a routine schedule of more than 60 hours per pay period
  • Student Worker Resources Request – Submit this form to grant a student worker access to certain resources, such as a shared mailbox
  • Supervisor Guide (PDF) – This document provides instructions for using the electronic applications for hiring students and approving timesheets
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