WSU Inclusion & Diversity Office Events

Noche Bomba

April 15, 2019
7-8pm, DuFresne Performing Arts Center Blackbox Theater

"Noche Bomba" is an exploration of forms and of gender.  Movement; expression; drag; social dance.  Gender as fiction, socially constructed; gender as reality, the actual implications.  Interweaving forms to construct specific imagery.  The journey within my Latinx gender evolution. "Noche Bomba" is facing the complex sadness, desperation, grief, anger, that my gender assimilation and dismantling has brought me; with strong passion, joy, love, compassion, resilience.

Created by Pedro Pablo Lander in collaboration with the performers- Beliza Torres Narváez, Genevieve D Johnson, Kim Schneider, Lelis Brito, Sharon Picasso, and Tim Rehborg.

Co-sponsored by Departments of Theater and Global Studies & World Languages, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, Winona State University's RE Initiative and Sexual Violence Advisory Committee, Inclusion and Diversity Office, and CAW Lectureship at WSU.

If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Jonathan Locust Jr. at or 507.457.5597

Dr. Saby Labor of Resilient Campus

April 17, 2019

Saby Labor is the founder of Resilient Campus, a professional coaching and higher education consulting organization with 10 years of experience working in education, including college access for underserved students, residential life, academic support, sexual assault prevention, and women’s and LGBTQ support services.

Workshop: 1-2pm, Haake Hall 175

“Resilience Mindset as a Daily Practice”

Resilience is a resource that we build, strengthen, and refill consistently. In this keynote, staff and faculty will learn about strategies for their mind, body, spirit, and environment to maintain an active practice of resilience. Special attention will be placed on the importance of our mindset and the strategies we can implement today. Staff and faculty participants will have the opportunity to shape a plan for their individual resilience and commit to one action as we move forward together.

Keynote: 7-8:30pm, Stark Hall 103

“Head and Heart Resilience: Strategies for Our Individual and Collective Resilience”

Academic environments promote the intellectual practice of knowing and being. As people of complex and intersectional identities in student, staff, and faculty roles, we are often asked to leave parts of our whole selves at the proverbial gates of the Ivory Tower. Engaging our heart, intuition, and experiential wisdom, we will tap into the strengths and deep connections of head and heart resilience. In this discussion, we will uplift strategies you can implement today to cultivate individual and collective capacities for resilience. Together, we will practice and support each other in the daily practice of head and heart resilience to ensure holistic excellence situated at the intersections of the identities and experiences we bring with us each and every day.
Co-sponsored by Inclusion and Diversity Office, Integrated Wellness Center, and the University Theme.

If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Jonathan Locust Jr. at or 507.457.5597