I-design expands WSU’s graphic design program into a holistic, adaptable design program preparing students for the ever-changing design industry.

The “I” Stands For

Identity Formation

Students develop a strong creative identity through a concentration of cross-disciplinary studies. It allows them to explore and combine their strengths and areas of interest (e.g. engineering, computer science, marketing and writing).

Integrative Thinking

Students learn to collaborate with creative thinkers from other disciplines to learn strategies, skills and concepts that help increase performance and resourcefulness.

Innovative Solutions

Students will learn to problem solve through live projects that are embedded in the curriculum.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Students will be expected to expand the boundary of traditional academic scholarship. They will pursue research outside immediate subject areas and incorporate different disciplines into their design studies.

International Exposure

Students in the program are required to complete at least one study abroad/travel study program to expand their global exposure and experience. This will strengthen student adaptation to the increasingly global design industry.

I-Design Major

The I-Design major is an integrated design program. It develops the creative identity through:

  • interdisciplinary problem solving skills
  • New media and technology
  • Collaboration and global cultural experience. 

The I-Design major incorporates a concentration elective (mimicking the area of expertise) that allows students to individualize their program with an area of interest. Students can choose from Studio Art, Marketing, Communication Studies, Copyrighting and Web Technology, Interactive Design, and Conceptual Art.

The I-Design program provides students with an up-to-date and adaptive design education. As the creative field continues to expand, the program will enable students to become leaders in multiple design related industries and even their own communities.