Liberal Arts Academic Departments

Academic departments in the College of Liberal Arts are dedicated to helping students developing their unique skills and passions into a career that best suits them.

Dean’s Welcome

As Dean, I am delighted to welcome you to our College of Liberal Arts. As the largest college, we are the academic home to more than 100 talented faculty and 21 departments and programs. The opportunities to learn are endless.

Situated in the scenic driftless region on the Mississippi River, our stewardship of place and sense of belonging are nurtured through intentionality and care. You are invited to engage with professors and peers through research, creative endeavors, and co-curricular activities. Together we consider the most pressing issues of the day from multiple perspectives, proven high-impact learning practices, and shared experiences for students to develop their capacity to think independently and to engage creatively in our communities and the world.

Internships, field experiences, study away or abroad, performances, leadership opportunities, and cultural events are embedded in our programs and our expectations for you. Our dedicated faculty provide enduring attention and personalized support for your progress toward a degree.

A Winona State education in the liberal arts provides the foundation and experience to prepare you for your professional goals and the challenges you may encounter along the way. Our graduates find careers, invest in communities, and improve the quality of life for everyone. Please join us and discover the value of the College of Liberal Arts.

Kara Lindaman
College of Liberal Arts Dean

Minne 206

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Dana Engel
Administrative Assistant


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Art & Design
The Art & Design program prepares students for careers in creative industries including studio art, graphic design, teaching, and other emerging forms of design. 
Art & Design Department
Students discuss an art piece with a professor in a WSU classroom.
Communication Studies
In the Communication Studies Department, students learn how to solve complex communication problems, ranging from interpersonal to organizational levels.  
Communication Studies Department
A student explains his presentation to a listener at a campus event.
The English Department teaches students the creative and technical skills they need to be successful writers, teachers, and film professionals.
English Department & Film Studies Program
A student gives a presentation during class on the WSU campus.
Global Studies & World Languages
Through the Global Studies & World Languages Department, students can learn about global-level changes or master a new language. 
Global Studies & World Languages Department
Students discuss topics during class on the WSU campus.
History & Legal Studies
The Department of History & Legal Studies provides opportunities for student to pursue careers in teaching, law, non-profits, and many other fields. 
History & Legal Studies Department
Students provide their perspectives on a panel discussion at WSU.
Mass Communication
The Mass Communication Department prepares students to work with a variety of media platforms while honing writing and social media skills. 
Mass Communication Department
Students explain their campaign concepts during the Campaign Tradeshow event on WSU campus.
The Music Department provides students with musical education and enriches the cultural life of our community through performances and other events.
Music Department
Students play their flutes, bassoons, and brass instruments during a band practice session.
The Philosophy Department emphasizes critical thinking, helping students to understand and analyze difficult concepts and ideas and foster independent thinking. 
Philosophy Department
Students discuss topics during class at WSU.
Political Science & Public Administration
The Political Science & Public Administration Department gives students the skills they need to be engaged in our increasingly global, interdependent, and diverse world. 
Political Science & Public Administration
A person grabs an 'I Will Vote
The Psychology Department offers several programs for students who are interested the causes and consequences of human thought and behavior.
Psychology Department
A professor meets with two students during office hours on the WSU campus.
Sociology & Criminal Justice
The Sociology & Criminal Justice Department  helps students achieve a variety of career goals in social service, public service, and criminal justice systems. 
Sociology & Criminal Justice Department 
A student talks with a police officer at a table during a WSU Career Fair.
Theatre & Dance
The Theatre & Dance Department helps students develop their unique artistic voices alongside creative and critical thinking skills.
Theatre & Dance Department
Three students dance during a performance at WSU.
Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies
The Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Department provides an academic framework and community focusing on women, gender, race, class, dis-/ability, and sexuality. 
Women’s & Gender Studies Department
The Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Department offers books and stickers at a tabling event.
College of Liberal Arts Advisory Board

The members of the College of Liberal Arts Advisory Board serve as a liaison between students and the dean to:

  • Provide input, insight, and perspective on the student experience
  • Advise the dean on matters pertaining to students
  • Serve as leaders for change in the College of Liberal Arts
  • Engage in college and university activities to encourage student involvement
  • Represent the College of Liberal Arts as ambassadors to promote WSU to current and perspective students
Alizabelle Carman ‘25
Political Science & Public Administration
Emma Corbin ‘24
Sociology, Criminal Justice, & Geography
Jayna Domeier ‘25
Mawatta Dukuly ‘24
Global Studies & World Languages
Tiki Ellis ‘25
Women’s Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Erin Farina ‘25
Lily Garbe ‘24
Mass Communication
Sanorah Goldoff ‘25
Theater & Dance
Josh Hansen ‘24
Political Science & Public Administration
Heidi Hanson ‘25
Devyn Marcotte ‘24
Mass Communication
Catherine McBride ‘24
Theater & Dance
Julien Ponsolle ‘25
Communication Studies
Sophie Riedel ‘26
History & Legal Studies
Jaanika Rosenthal '25
Global Studies & World Languages
Casiana Sas ‘25
Louisa Schirmacher ‘25
Sophie Sommers ‘25
History & Legal Studies
Kelsie Tabolich ‘24
Communication Studies
Lydia Velishek ‘24
Art & Design
Grace Warner ‘24
Sociology, Criminal Justice, & Geography
Jess Weis ‘24
Women’s Gender, & Sexuality Studies