Undergraduate Programs

WSU's Mass Communication Department offers four majors and six minors.

Our programs provide students with the experience they need to communicate in mass markets using an array of media: newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, Internet, photography and more.

We also prepare students to take advantage of future careers that may not even exist yet in the communication world.

Advertising and Public Relations majors complete Campaigns, a capstone course that simulates what it's like to work with a real-world agency on a marketing campaign for their products and services.

Translation: You'll get hands-on experience collaborating with a client before you graduate, giving you an edge on the competition in the job market.

Explore your program options in Mass Communication.


Catch anyone's attention with engaging messages and fresh advertisement designs for a variety of products and platforms.

The Advertising major prepares you for a career at an advertising or specialty agency, boutique or corporate marketing department. 

Creative Digital Media

Become an advanced storyteller and message mediator using a wide range of physical and digital media.

The Creative Digital Media major teaches you everything you need to excel in a career in digital media, like TV or radio. 


Report on current events and tell captivating stories for newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and websites.

The Journalism major helps you to launch your career as a journalist.

Public Relations

Raise awareness of a company's brand, build relationships and trust between influencers and customers, and manage crisis communications.

The Public Relations major sets you up for success to work as an information officer, event planner, publicist and more.


In addition to a general Mass Communication minor, there are minors in each of the major areas available to complement any area of study:

  • Advertising
  • Creative Digital Media
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations

You can also minor in Photography, which combines Mass Communication and Art and Design concepts, coming Fall 2022.