Employment Outlook and Salaries

Statisticians use statistical methods to collect and analyze data in order to help solve real-world problems in business, health & medicine, the sciences, manufacturing, and in government.   

Where do statisticians work?

Mayo Clinic

For example, the over 150 statisticians working at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN help design and analyze data from clinical trials to improve health. 

Target Corporation

Statisticians & data scientists working at the Target Corporation headquartered in Minneapolis, MN analyze data to improve sales and customer experiences while shopping at Target. 


Statisticians working in manufacturing, e.g. at the 3M Corporation headquartered in St. Paul, MN, design experiments and analyze data to improve the product development process, the quality of items produced, and reduce costs. 

U.S. Census Bureau

Statisticians working for U.S. Census Bureau conduct analyses of census data to help Americans better understand our country – its populations, resource, economy, society, and culture.  Trained statisticians working as actuaries in the insurance industry calculate the risks associated with insuring different events.

It would probably be easier to list areas or large companies where statisticians do not work. Learn more about which industries employ statisticians.

Mayo Clinic
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals
Booz,Allen, & Hamilton Inc.
Xcel Energy
John Deere
Bank of America
Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals
Federated Insurance
ING Inc.
Mercer Consulting
Intel Corporation
Frontier Science
Dell Computer
Banker’s Life and Casualty
Towers Watson
U.S. Renal Data System
Van Iwaarden Consulting
Harvard Medical School
Traveler’s Insurance
Minnesota Wild
Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation
VA Medical Center
Trane Corporation
SC Johnson
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Prime Therapeutics
Kraft Foods
GfK Custom Research
Boston Scientific
Land’s End
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Koan Energy Consultants
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
United Healthcare
Advanced Auto Parts
Axio Research
TCF Bank
Ameriprise Financial Services
Schwann Food Company
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
John Deere
Health Diagnostic Laboratory
Chronic Disease Research Group
Cardiovascular Systems Inc.
University of New Mexico – Medical School
Guidant, Inc.
icrunchdata.com - Jobs involving all aspects of data analysis!

Indeed.com job search (use keywords: statistician, data analyst, data scientist)

Monster job search (use keywords: statistician, data analyst, data scientist, research analyst, market research analyst, customer insights analyst)

Statistics job board – hosted at Univ. of Florida (primarily for those with graduate degrees)

cyberdegreesedu.org/jobs/- A cyber security jobs and careers resource

The WSU Statistics graduates have gone on to pursue their masters or doctoral degrees in statistics or biostatistics at some of the top graduate programs in the U.S. Statistics is a discipline where advanced degrees are rewarded both financially and in terms of your job description. Nearly all of the WSU students going on to graduate school have received financial support which covers their tuition and provides annual salary between $15-20k annually.

Statistics & Biostatistics graduate degree programs 

University of Minnesota – Statistics (2)
University of Minnesota – Biostatistics (3)
University of Pittsburgh – Biostatistics (2)
University of Washington – Biostatistics (4)
Kansas State University – Statistics (7)
Medical College of Wisconsin – Biostatistics (2)
Colorado State University – Statistics (2)
Western Michigan University – Statistics (11)
University of Virginia Commonwealth – Biostatistics (3)
North Carolina State University – Statistics (3)
The Ohio State University – Statistics (5)
University of Michigan – Biostatistics
Iowa State University – Statistics (8)
University of Iowa – Biostatistics (3)
Loyola University – Statistics
Oregon State University – Statistics
Florida State University – Statistics (2)
Emory University – Biostatistics
University of Nebraska – Lincoln – Statistics
Montana State University – Statistics
University of Missouri – Rolla – Statistics