WSU Associate Professor Aaron Wangberg in the classroom.

Programs of Study

B.S. in Mathematics Major

The B.S in Mathematics (59-60 S.H.) is designed for students who:

  • Are considering graduate school in mathematics or any technical field
  • Want the strongest possible background in terms of both breadth and depth of mathematical knowledge

This degree includes an independent research project.

B.A. in Mathematics Major

The B.A. in Mathematics is designed for students who:

  • Want to combine complementary interest and skills, learning to apply mathematics to another field.
  • Want fewer mathematics courses than the B.S.
  • A minor or major in a different program or department. 

Mathematics Minor

The Minor in Mathematics (22-23 S.H.) is:

  • Highly attractive to potential employers or graduate schools.
  • Recognizes students majoring in other fields who have demonstrated significant mathematical skills.
  • East for Engineering majors to obtain - they need only one or two additional courses in Mathematics.

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Secondary Mathematics Major

The Secondary Mathematics Teaching Major (120 S.H. - no minor required) is designed to:

  • Prepare students for a career in teaching mathematics (grades 5-12).
  • Allow students to complete an additional major or minor program.

Middle Level Mathematics Minor

The Middle Level Mathematics Teaching Minor (34 S.H.) is designed for:

  • Students completing a teaching major.
  • Students looking to be prepared to teach middle school mathematics.

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B.S. in Statistics Major

The B.S. in Statistics Major (62 S.H.) provides students:

  • Both a solid background in mathematics as well as experience with statistical theories, methods, and statistical software.

Statistics Minor

The Minor in Statistics (18 S.H.)

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B.S. in Data Science Major

The B.S. in Data Science Major (59-60 S.H.):

  • Requires a student to acquire knowledge and expertise in data science through understanding of analytical and computational techniques.

The Minor in Data Science (25 S.H.):

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