Faculty Resource Center

S-Drive:  Everyone in the department (students do not have access to this) has access to the department S-Drive, which stores many departmental documents dealing with advising, assessment, curriculum, course syllabi, etc.

PC Users:  My Computer, choose DeptStorage in the Network Location sector.  If at any time, you do not see either your personal storage, or the S-Drive, you should click to map drives and refresh your computer.

Mac Users:

SharePoint: This site is for faculty and staff only.  On it, you can find a calendar of departmental events, the various committee agenda and minutes, and departmental faculty lists.

Sample course syllabi are available for all courses through the department S-Drive. Please submit course syllabi each semester to PESSOffice@winona.edu so that they can be stored on the S-Drive.  

For specific information about the Professional Development process, consult the IFO Master Contract.  In most cases, faculty member submit a Professional Development Plan in the fall and a Professional Development Report in the spring.  All faculty members in the department are invited to review and comment on the plans and reports before they are submitted to the Dean.  Sample plans and reports are available on the department S-Drive.  Deadlines for the plans and reports are indicated on the WSU 2013-14 Academic Deadline Calendar.
Tenure and Promotion applications are submitted to the department for review and comments before they are forwarded to the WSU administration (Dean of CLA, Provost for Academic Affairs, and President).   Requirements, policies and procedures are detailed in the IFO Master Contract.  Deadlines for submitting applications are indicated on the WSU 2013-14 Academic Deadline calendar.
Forms for faculty responses to PDPs, PDR, tenure applications, and promotion applications are available on the department S-Drive and Share Point.

To apply for a sabbatical, faculty must submit the Application and Agreement form and then complete a report at the end of the sabbatical.  Deadlines for the application and report are specified on the WSU 2013-2014 Academic Deadline Calendar. 


Book orders are placed through the WSU bookstore.  The Textbook Requisition form is available by going to the WSU Bookstore and clicking on the Faculty/Staff Services link at the bottom of the page.  

Faculty can be reimbursed in cash for purchased under $100. To be reimbursed, submit the receipts and the Petty Cash Voucher Form (PDF) to the PESS office for processing. Funds for petty cash reimbursement come out of each faculty member’s IFO Professional Development funds.  

Request copies and on-campus printing online through MarComm OneStop.

For most expenses (above $100), the Internal Requisition Form (PDF) is required.  

Each faculty member receives a yearly allocation from the IFO Professional Development fund (the per faculty allocation rolls over each year), which is used to pay for professional development activities (consult the IFO Master Contract for details).

Full details about the policies, procedures and required forms for travel are available on the Business Office website.

If you plan to use IFO Professional Development funds for travel, do not purchase your airline ticket yourself.  You should contact the Travel Director in the Business Office to request the purchase of the airline ticket and complete the Travel Request Form.

After completing your travel, you must submit the Employee Expense Report (excel) and receipts.  

Room reservations for department activities can be made by through the facilities department using the Virtual EMS

When faculty members are not on campus because of illness, vacation or personal reasons they must report the information at the Minnesota State Self-Help website. The Absence Form (PDF) is still used for conferences and speaking engagements.