Program Overview

Professional Skills (10 S.H.) 

Courses in the professional skills give a broad overview of key project management and business concepts as they pertain to working scientists. All students, regardless of their specific scientific core path take these courses:
  • Project Management (3 S.H.)
  • Statistical Methods (3 S.H.)
  • Intra/Interpersonal Communications in the Workplace (3 S.H.)
  • Ethics and Leadership (1 S.H.)

Scientific Core (20 S.H.) 

Courses in the scientific core are selected based on the student’s field of specialization. Core areas include courses in these departments and students are encouraged to choose coursework that cuts across multiple academic departments:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Computer Science
  • Health, Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences (HERS)
  • Environmental Science
  • Geoscience

Capstone Experience (6 S.H.) 

Your advisor along with your graduate committee will help you develop a research or internship projected tailored towards the skills required for your future success in the workforce. One of the advantages of the WSU PSM is that if you are a working professional, you have the opportunity to develop a project that you can conduct at your work site. Examples of featured capstone projects are listed on our featured projects page.

Example outcomes of research projects include:

  • Manuscripts in professional journals
  • Reports for corporate governance
  • Government policy papers
  • Development of fiscal reports within healthcare
  • Classic Master’s thesis

A traditional Master’s Thesis is not required for the capstone experience, but a student may choose to pursue graduate research leading to a thesis under the advisement of a major advisor and their graduate committee.

Please visit the WSU Graduate Catalog for course descriptions. Please note that PSM-related graduate courses are being added regularly and will not be represented in the catalog until the next annual update. Please contact the PSM Director at for up-to-date information.