The Learning Club

The Learning Club is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the continuing education of retirees.

It capitalizes on the strengths and characteristics of older learners—offering programs selected, attended, and often taught by Learning Club members.

The Learning Club is a great way to meet interesting people, and classes are held during the day at convenient locations throughout Winona. 

It’s education as it is meant to be: challenging, fun, and exciting. Topics are taught by people who love their subject to people whose motivation is simply a love of learning. 

Become a Member

The Learning Club is open to everyone of all levels of formal education. To join, send your membership application (PDF) and $20 membership fee to the WSU Retiree Center. 

This annual membership fee allows you to take part in as many classes and special events as you wish. A class fee may be charged for special events involving meals or transportation. 

Memberships fees are due each fall and must be paid before you attend your first class.

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