Filing a Complaint

Complaints involving a student, staff or faculty member may be filed with:

Lori Mikl, Title IX Coordinator
Director of Affirmative Action/Equity & Legal Affairs
Somsen Hall 202B

Filing a report of sexual misconduct with the university does not obligate you to pursue or participate in subsequent action. However, if the university reasonably believes that pursuing a case is necessary to provide a safe, nondiscriminatory environment for all members of our campus community, the university may continue to pursue the case.

The survivor may choose to participate in the disciplinary proceeding as the complainant, as a witness for a person acting on their behalf, or not at all.

It is your right to have an advocate or other representative with you at all stages of the reporting process. An advocate can be reached 24/7 by calling the WSU Confidential GBV Helpline at 507.457.5610.

For a complete description of these policies and procedures, please refer to Title IX.

For GBV info and resources please refer to RE Initiative.

Criminal or Civil Complaints

A victim/survivor has the right to criminal or civil legal resources outside of the university, including access to protective orders. The Title IX Coordinator or a confidential advocate can assist in reporting to law enforcement.

For civil complaints, the victim/survivor should consult with a private attorney.

A confidential advocate can guide and assist a victim/survivor during criminal or civil proceedings. An advocate can be reached 24/7 at 507.457.5610.