Warrior Game Day Experience for Student Clubs & Organizations

Winona State University is hosting a brand new Warrior Game Day Experience during every home football game day to boost campus and fan spirit and create an exciting atmosphere prior to the football game starting. 20 student clubs/organizations are invited to participate each game day by setting up a table to promote themselves and interact with alumni and friends of WSU along Johnson Street between the IWC and PAC. The Warrior Game Day Experience will run two hours before each game (see schedule below).
  • Pre-register to participate by signing up. The 20 slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-registrations must be received 3 business days in advance of Warrior Game Day.
  • You will receive a confirmation from ASO@winona.edu so you know for sure that you have been granted a space.
  • If you are given a spot and cannot participate, you must email ASO@winona.edu immediately so another group can be contacted. If extra spaces are available and/or not all spaces are filled, the ASO Director will send a message out to the club presidents.
  • Any club who registers but does not show up and does not communicate will not be able to participate again for the rest of the year.
  • One table and two chairs will be provided for each club/organization who participates. You may use your space to promote goals/activities of your club, have fun activities to interact with the crowd, or fundraise (see fundraising guidelines below).
  • Tables will not be pre-assigned but there will be an indicator of which tables are designated for clubs/organizations along Johnson Street.
  • Clubs/organizations are expected to be set up and ready to go by the beginning of the Warrior Game Day Experience (two hours before the start of the game) and must stay for the entire two hours.
  • No student who is part of a participating club/organization may consume any alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol. Students found in violation will be asked to leave. Campus security, WSU Athletics staff and Winona police will be patrolling the area. Remember that you are a representative of your club/organization to the public!
  • Clubs/organizations are responsible for cleaning up their space at the conclusion of the Warrior Game Day Experience.
  • The ASO Director and/or a member of Student Senate will be monitoring and checking in with all participating clubs/organizations each day.

Thursday, August 31 vs. Bemidji State University
WGDE: 4-6pm
Game Starts: 6pm

Saturday, Sept. 16 vs. MSU Moorhead (Family Weekend)
WGDE: 11-1pm
Game Starts: 1pm

Saturday, Sept. 30 vs. Upper Iowa University
WGDE: 11-1pm
Game Starts: 1pm

Saturday, October 21 vs. Wayne State College (Homecoming)
WGDE: 12-2pm
Game Starts: 2pm

Thursday, November 9 vs. Augustana University
WGDE: 5-7pm
Game Starts: 7pm

  • If selling food as a fundraiser or for donations, no meat products or other food that has a higher likelihood of making someone ill if not prepared/served properly may be prepared or sold (grills, crock pots, cold food, etc.) unless you have a health permit from the State of Minnesota and follow their requirements. Acceptable food items for fundraising could include bake sale items, root beer floats, caramel apples, etc. There will already be tents/concessions with typical tailgate food for sale. If in doubt, contact Tracy Rahim at TRahim@winona.edu, Joe Reed at JReed@winona.edu, or Lindsay Marosi-Kramer at LMarosiKramer@winona.edu.
  • No raffles are allowed (50/50, win a prize, etc.). If someone must pay for a chance to win something, that is considered gambling which is strictly prohibited.
  • There will be no access to electricity where clubs/organizations will be set up. So please plan ahead when thinking about fundraisers or activities.
  • Drinking games and the use of devices intended to accelerate the consumption of alcohol are prohibited.
  • If selling merchandise (t-shirts, mittens, cups, etc.) that use any part of the WSU name and/or logos, they must be pre-approved by Legal Affairs due to trademark policies. Contact Lori Mikl at LMikl@winona.edu for details.


All clubs and organizations must pre-register 3 days in advance of advance of each game. 

For questions, please contact the ASO Director at ASO@winona.edu.