Music Programs

The Music Department is committed to providing music degree programs that foster creativity, skill development, critical thinking, and independent learning.

For students majoring in other fields, the department offers a program leading to a minor as well as a variety of courses and activities for the general student.


Music Business

The BS in Music (Business) is designed to give students a strong background in music, knowledge of business principles and an understanding of music business. Music courses include a core music curriculum, studio lessons, ensemble, and an individualized independent study and internship. 

Other coursework includes the areas of music business, arts administration, accounting, economics, finance, and marketing. Students may use this degree program to prepare for entry into professions in business or industry serving or related to the field of music.

Music Education

The BS in Music Education prepares graduates for licensure in Minnesota as K-12 music teacher. This program will help develop your musical skills while teaching you how to use music teaching methods to educate others. 

The coursework is offered in partnership with the College of Education.

Music (Liberal Arts)

The BA in Music (Liberal Arts) puts an emphasis in music in the context of a liberal arts education. 

This degree program requires either an outside minor or a double major (for example, Music and English) to focus the remaining credits necessary for graduation on an area of particular interest in another discipline. 

Students may use this degree to prepare for graduate work in non-performing areas of music study such as theory, musicology, ethnomusicology, music therapy or other specialized interests.

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Music Performance

The BMus in Music (Performance) focuses on strengthening student’s technical and artistic skills in their main performing medium within a comprehensive, in-depth education in the field of music.

Students in vocal or instrumental performance are required to take 4 years of studio sessions and present both a junior (half) and senior (full) recital.

Students graduating with a music performance degree may choose to pursue careers as performing musicians and/or continue their education with graduate studies in their major performance medium.

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