Graduate Nursing Student Resources

Graduate nursing students have access to a variety of resources, including forms, scholarships opportunities, and professional organizations.

Practicum/clinical placement is arranged for all students admitted to the programs. Placement occurs in designated regional clinical affiliate sites.

The State of Minnesota and our clinical agencies require proof of background checks, liability insurance, and other requirements for enrollment in all clinical courses, including DNP Scholarship project courses.

Admitted students are required to provide the following documentation. You will maintain and track clinical documentation in a Typhon account subscription, which is an additional education expense.

During your final semester, you must submit a graduation application to inform the University that you are completing your degree program.

Scholarships & Graduate Assistantships

In addition to the general scholarships at WSU, students in the Graduate Nursing programs can apply for many scholarships from the WSU Foundation.

These scholarship requirements vary based on several factors, such as financial need, involvement, and academic standing. 

Apply for WSU Foundation Scholarships

Students can also apply for graduate assistantships to help fund their education.

Sigma – Kappa Mu Chapter

Kappa Mu is the local chapter of Sigma, an international professional organization supporting nursing excellence.

Our chapter goal is to support members in their nursing practice, research, scholarship, and service goals, and to achieve nursing excellence in our service area. 

Contact current chapter president Jen Timm at if you have any questions.

Guides for Writing Projects

Learn about the major writing projects that are part of the master’s and DNP program requirements. 

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