Graduate Assistantships

A graduate assistantship offers a campus job plus tuition benefits for students pursuing master’s degrees.

With a graduate assistantship, you’ll work part-time to provide teaching assistance, research support, or other University services.

Graduate assistantships have been available across many University departments, including:

  • Academic programs such as Biology, Counselor Education, English, and Nursing
  • Warrior Athletics
  • Integrated Wellness Center (IWC) and Fitness Center
  • Enrollment Management and Student Life
  • Legal Affairs
  • Teaching & Learning Technology
  • Warrior Success Center

You’ll receive a bi-weekly paycheck as well as free tuition credits. The stipend amount and tuition reimbursement varies depending on the number of hours you work each year.

You can search for graduate assistantships in Handshake. Open positions are typically posted each year in early February.