Graduate Assistantships

A graduate assistantship offers a campus job plus tuition benefits for students pursuing master’s degrees.

With a graduate assistantship, you’ll work part-time to provide teaching assistance, research support, or other University services.

Graduate assistantships have been available across many University departments, including:

  • Academic programs such as Biology, Counselor Education, English, and Nursing
  • Warrior Athletics
  • Integrated Wellness Center (IWC) and Fitness Center
  • Enrollment Management and Student Life
  • Legal Affairs
  • Teaching & Learning Technology
  • Warrior Success Center

You’ll receive a bi-weekly paycheck as well as free tuition credits. The stipend amount and tuition reimbursement varies depending on the number of hours you work each year.

Most GAs are hired for a full academic year (August-May) although some positions also include a summer assignment.

If you have a graduate assistantship, you must be enrolled during each term of the assistantship for:

  • Full-time GA: at least 6 graduate credits
  • Part-time GA: at least 3 graduate credits

You can search for graduate assistantships in Handshake. Open positions are typically posted each year in early February.