Biology Faculty & Staff

Dr. Noah Anderson
Assistant Professor

Pasteur 242

Research Interests

Dr. Anderson’s research focuses on the intersection of herpetology, ecology, evolution, and physiology. Research in his labs spans both field work and laboratory studies.

His current research focuses on the growth and physiological performance of Boa constrictors.

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Dr. Kimberly Bates

Pasteur 228

Research Interests

Dr. Bates’ research examines the prevalence and intensity of gastrointestinal parasites in fur-bearing mammals.

She also uses molecular techniques to determine the prevalence of Lyme disease in Ixodes ticks as well as the genetic relatedness of lungworm in different ruminants.

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Mary Diekmann
Administrative Assistant

Pasteur 220


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Dr. Kimberly Evenson

Pasteur 219


Research Interests

Dr. Evenson’s research integrates organismal, physiological, and molecular approaches to answer questions related to:

  • plant microbe interactions
  • plant tissue culture for plant breeding
  • plant responses to environmental stresses
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Dr. Casey Finnerty
Associate Professor

Pasteur 236


Research Interests

  • Pathobiology
  • Entomology
  • Structural biology
  • Biological computing
  • Analysis of baculovirus-host interactions
  • Protein structure/function relationships
  • Molecular evolution
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Dr. Mark Garbrecht

Pasteur 234


Visit Mark Garbrecht’s academic website.

Research Interests

Research in Dr. Garbrecht’s lab focuses on the biology and metabolism of natural and synthetic glucocorticoids, as well as the impact of maternal and offspring diet on glucose metabolism and insulin secretion.

The lab uses a mix of molecular, cellular, and animal model systems.

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Dr. Chris Groen
Assistant Professor

Pasteur 226


Research Interests

Dr. Groen’s interests include:

  • neurodegenerative disorders peripheral neuropathy
  • pharmacogenomics
  • regenerative medicine
  • drosophila genetics
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Dr. Peter Knopick
MLS Program Director, Assistant Program

Pasteur 224


Teaching Interests

Dr. Peter Knopick teaches the clinical science courses for MLS majors and Microbiology 209.

His research background involved using murine models to study immune responses towards cancer. Specifically, he continues to investigate augmenting T cell responses in solid tumors.

His teaching approach uses examples from both clinical and research experiences to help prepare students for careers in healthcare.

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Dr. Betsy Larson
Assistant Professor

Pasteur 238


Teaching Interests

Dr. Larson’s teaching interests include preparing Secondary Life Science Teachers through inquiry lab experiences, service learning and supportive advisor-advisee relationships.

She enjoys working with students out-of-doors and in the lab, engaging them with evidence-based teaching strategies that help form analytical, highly qualified biology teachers.

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Dr. Osvaldo Martinez
Associate Professor

Pasteur 248

View Osvaldo Martinez’s academic website.

Research Interests

Research in Dr. Martinez’s lab focuses on studying host-pathogen interactions, specifically how Ebola and West Nile virus infect and deregulate human immune cells.

His lab is also developing a novel virus-like particle vaccine.

Furthermore, the lab is identifying new bacteria-killing phages and investigating their potential as therapeutics.

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Dr. Neal Mundahl

Pasteur 250


View Neal Mundahl’s academic website.

Research Interests

Dr. Mundahl’s research centers on applied population and community ecology of fish, birds, and plants in regional streams, lakes, forests, and prairies.

His work seeks to explain the impacts of human activities on the structure and function of natural systems.

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Kay Pedretti
Laboratory Specialist

Pasteur 204


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Dr. Amy Runck
Department Chair, Associate Professor

Pasteur 230


Research Interests

Dr. Runck’s research combines field biology and molecular techniques to understand adaptations to changing environments.

Current research projects include gene expression in tiger salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum) and post-glacial speciation in red-backed voles (Myodes sp.).

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Dr. Scott Segal

Pasteur 240


Research Interests

Research in Dr. Segal’s lab focuses on control of gene expression in response to physiological stresses, including glucose deprivation and exposure to genotoxic agents.

One such agent is Cr(VI), which is a common industrial byproduct and strong carcinogen. Upon exposure mRNA becomes translationally repressed and can localize to P-bodies or Stress granules.

His lab uses cytological, genetic, molecular and biochemical approaches in both yeast and mammalian systems to study these phenomena.

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Erika Vail
Laboratory Specialist

SLC 277


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Dr. Ted Wilson

Pasteur 232

View Ted Wilson’s academic website.

Research Interests

Dr. Ted Wilson studies whether food health claims can be supported by measurable physiological changes. He studies pistachios, walnuts, low-carbohydrate diets, cranberries, cranberry juice, grape juice, creatine phosphate, eggplants, coffee, tea, energy drinks, and saber-toothed cats.

He also investigates the physiological processes related to hypothermia, diabetes, obesity, and heart failure. He enjoys coffee, family, hunting, fishing, logging, and farming.

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