Geoscience Programs

WSU’s Geoscience programs provide students with a discovery-based curriculum rich in field and research opportunities. Our programs will prepare students for a broad spectrum of careers or graduate school.

The Geoscience curriculum is focused on developing and deepening observational skills, hypothesis building, idea testing and critical thinking—while also providing a foundational liberal arts education. 


Our department has it all—we offer two Bachelor of Science programs, a Bachelor of Teaching program, and a Bachelor of Arts program.



Geoscience is an interdisciplinary field that connects in with many other disciplines in many ways. 

Employment opportunities and compensation in the geosciences have rapidly grown in recent years, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts continued growth during the next decade.

Geoscience majors are equipped with a wide range of skills that open doors to countless possibilities. Here are some of the things Geoscience graduates do: 

  • Solve a broad range of environmental problems as consultants in both industry and government
  • Discover and manage our planet’s mineral and energy resources
  • Teach in our elementary schools, high schools and colleges
  • Work in museums and national parks
  • Practice environmental law and write for newspapers and magazines
  • Explore other planets

Explore what you can do with a Geoscience degree (PDF) and learn more about careers in the geosciences, including Earth Science Teaching. 

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