How to Apply

Here are the steps to apply to the Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) Program.


Apply to WSU's School of Graduate Studies & MPA Program

To be admitted to the MPA program, you need to submit two applications. You must first apply and be admitted our School of Graduate Studies.

Then you'll need to complete the MPA program application.

You won't be eligible to apply for the MPA program if you haven't been admitted to WSU's School of Graduate Studies prior.


Submit Your Application Materials

In addition to completing the MPA application, you also need to email the following application materials to

  • Resume
  • Statement of Professional Goals. Limit your response to 1,000 words and address the following:
    • What's your motivation for pursuing the MPA?
    • Discuss your past work and/or experiences that will help you achieve success in the rigorous program.
  • A copy of GMAT scores completed within the past five years (only if you don't meet the qualifications for a GMAT waiver)