Accounting Programs

The Accounting Department offers 2 majors, a minor, and a master’s degree for students who are interested in accounting careers.

These programs will prepare you with skills needed for a lifetime of career development. 

Undergraduate Programs

Master of Professional Accounting (MPA)

Further your career in accounting and prepare for the CPA exam with this online master’s degree program designed for busy professionals.

Learn more about the Master of Professional Accounting.

FAQs about the MPA Program

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Master of Accounting program.

The MPA program incorporates Wiley into the curriculum, which you will purchase within designated courses.

A discounted rate is provided and linked to the MPA program, so purchases must be completed through the provided link.

You must have access to the internet and a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets and smartphones are not able to run some of tools in these courses.

You can lease a laptop from WSU through the eWarrior Digital Life and Learning Program, or use a personal computer.

Learn more about the minimum technology requirements.

Qualifying students may enroll in the ACCT 513 and ACCT 522 courses while still an undergraduate student.

If you are considering the MPA program, you should take these courses as a graduate student.

If you complete the co-listed courses at the undergraduate level, you will need to retake the courses.

A thesis is not required for the MPA.

Accounting Salaries

Here are the average salaries for college graduates in public and private accounting. If you also have a CPA license, you will potentially make 10-15% more when you start out.

EmployerJr. Level (0-3 yrs.)Sr. Level (4-6 yrs.)
Public Accounting (large firm)$63,250 - $83,250$78,500 - $106,500
Public Accounting (medium firm)$56,500 - $67,750$70,500 - $96,000
Public Accounting (small firm)$51,500 - $60,500$63,750 - $81,500
Corporate Accounting (large co.)$53,750 - $69,500$68,750 - $87,750
Corporate Accounting (medium co.)$49,250 - $65,250$61,250 - $79,750
Corporate Accounting (small co.)$45,000 - $59,000$57,500 - $70,000
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