Submit a Title IX Complaint

WSU strongly encourages anyone who has been the victim of sexual misconduct or is aware of an incident of sexual misconduct to report it to the University’s Title IX Coordinator.

This includes complaints regarding sexual violence, sexual assault, dating/relationship violence and stalking if the incident:

  • occurred on Winona State University property
  • occurred while you were engaged in university-related activities or
  • has a student, staff, faculty member or volunteer at Winona State University as the the alleged perpetrator (Respondent)

Reporting is your choice. You may report an incident (personally or through a third-party report) even without choosing to pursue charges or have a police investigation. Reporting can prevent others from being sexually assaulted.

How to Report a Complaint

You can report sexual misconduct (sexual assault, dating/relationship violence, stalking, and Title IX sexual harassment) with an online report form.

You can also make a report by contacting the WSU Title IX Coordinator or Campus Security.

Title IX Coordinator Lori Mikl
202 Somsen Hall

WSU Campus Security
Sheehan Hall

If you would like to file a separate report to law enforcement, you may do so at any time by calling 911.

If you want to report an incident anonymously, you may do so when using the online report form.

You may wish to report an incident but do not want to initiate contact with the Title IX Coordinator or a campus investigation.

If so, you can report it to:

Reporting to one of these persons does not initiate the campus Title IX process.

Some employees are required to report possible incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator if they become aware of it. These people include:

  • Campus Security Authorities
  • University employees who are in a supervisory role
  • University employees who are otherwise has significant responsibility for student and campus activities (i.e. student housing, club advisors, athletic coaches)

This report made be made by contacting Lori Mikl directly at either or 507.457.2766 or by completing the online Sexual Misconduct Report.

You may also make a report to law enforcement either by calling 911 (in case of emergency) or by contacting their non-emergency number.

Winona Police Department
201 West 3rd St. Winona, MN

Rochester Police Department
101 4th St. SE Rochester, MN

For help making a report to law enforcement, please contact Campus Security at 507.457.5555.

If you feel the University has not responded appropriately to your complaint, you may file a complaint with the United States Department of Education Office for Civil Rights.

Reports may be made electronically or by mailing your complaint to:

Office for Civil Rights
Citigroup Center
500 W. Madison Street
Suite 1475
Chicago, IL 60661-4544

Phone: 312.730.1560
Fax: 312.730.1576

When to Report

There is no time limit by which incidences of sexual misconduct must be reported to the University.

If you are the victim of sexual misconduct, you are strongly encouraged to report to Student Health Services, Student Counseling Center, or the University’s Confidential Advocate right away.

These individuals are not required to make a report to the Title IX Coordinator.

However, if you wish to seek a campus investigation, timely reporting to the Title IX Coordinator is highly encouraged.

A delay in reporting may impact the University’s ability to fully investigate or respond to the matter.