Getting Paid

Student employees are paid on a bi-weekly pay schedule, and paychecks are deposited directly into their bank accounts.


All student employees must complete and submit electronic timesheets on Student eServices.

Your supervisor must submit a Work Authorization to hire you before you’ll gain access to the timesheet system. You must also complete your W-4 and I-9 forms before you will gain access to the timesheet system.

Review the eTime Training Guide (PDF) for detailed instructions.

Enter the time you’ve worked through Student eServices. If you have questions, ask your supervisor for help.

You should enter your hours each time you work a shift. Do not pre-fill your timesheet or wait until the last day of the pay period to enter all your hours. This often results in errors.

When you enter your last shift at the end of the pay period, you need to certify your timesheet is accurate before submitting it.

If you have more than one student job on campus, you may need to submit multiple timesheets.

You are never allowed to submit hours that you have not actually worked. This is considered fraud and would be in violation of Minnesota Board Policy 1C.2: Fraudulent or Other Dishonest Acts. Violating this policy may result in your immediate dismissal and other disciplinary action.

After you submit your timesheet, your supervisor needs to approve it. Your timesheet will update with a timestamp showing that it’s been approved.

Do not alter your timesheet after it’s been approved. It will automatically revert to unapproved status, and you may not be paid on time.

If your timesheet is not submitted by 11:59pm on the last day of the pay period, you may not be paid on time.

Once your timesheet is approved, it’ll be processed at the end of the next pay period, and you’ll be paid on the next pay date.

Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule

The pay period begins on a Wednesday, runs for 2 weeks, and ends on a Tuesday.

Timesheets are submitted, approved, and processed during the week of the second and final Tuesday of each pay period—this is called “payroll week.” Students are paid the following week on Friday.

The student bi-weekly pay schedule (PDF) lists the pay periods and pay dates for a fiscal year, which runs July 1 through June 30.

When the payroll processes during payroll week, students’ payments are “locked in” to go to the bank account that’s in the system at the time payroll is processed. This means the bank account we have on file is the only account these payments can be deposited to.

Direct Deposit

Student employees must have their payroll checks deposited directly into a bank account. You should submit direct deposit information before you begin working to avoid a delay in your first payment.

You may already have an account set up for direct deposit if you’ve received any financial aid payment or refund. This account will also be used for student payroll payments, because you can only have 1 bank account connected for direct deposit.

Income Taxes

All income earned by students at Winona State is subject to income tax withholding, including work study. Each year you work, you must file income tax forms by April 15.

International students must also file income tax forms if they work in the U.S. WSU offers help to international students in filing their U.S. tax forms, which are different from those completed by U.S. citizens.

Estimated income tax (for both federal and state) may be withheld from each of your paychecks depending on the following:

  • How you completed your W-4 form when you were hired 
  • How much money you make each pay period 
  • Whether you’re a U.S. citizen or an international student 

When you file your income tax return during tax season, if too many estimated taxes were withheld, you’ll receive a refund. If not enough taxes were withheld, you may owe more money when you file.  

W-2 Form

A W-2 form breaks down what income you’ve earned, how much you’ve been taxed, and what employment benefits you’ve received over the past year. You’ll need a W-2 Form from each of your employers for the previous year before you can file your income tax returns. 

By law, employers have until Jan. 31 of the new year to provide W-2 forms to their employees.  

Accessing your W-2 form electronically helps you avoid waiting to get a copy in the mail. Once the State of Minnesota releases the forms in mid-to-late January, you can find the form online and print it if needed.

Student employees must consent to access the form electronically, which can be done any time in Student eServices:

  1. Select the “Dashboard” tab in the main menu  
  2. Click through the message that says, “Tax Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement – to receive it online, enroll now” 
  3. When the next screen displays, select “Confirm”

Your W-2 will be available online, and a paper copy will not be sent to your home.

You should receive an email when the W-2 forms have been released by the State. The subject of the email will read, “Important Tax Return Document Available.”

Withholding FICA Taxes

The Federal Insurance Contributors Act (FICA) is a federal payroll tax that funds Social Security and Medicare.

If any FICA taxes will be taken out of your paychecks depends on:

  • Number of credits you’re enrolled in
  • Whether you’re working more than 60 hours per pay period
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