College for Kids Program

Birth Through Grade 12 Student Programming

Expanding educational programming to B-12 students in the region is an important part of the mission of the Winona State College of Education. C2P2 programs such as College for Kids, Young Writers Conference, Pioneer School, and Personal Finance Quiz Bowl connect students to enriching opportunities and give them a snapshot of the college campus experience. Ideas for B-12 programs are welcome. Please contact C2P2 Director, Dawnette Cigrand.

Programs Provided Through the Center for Collaboration, Partnership & Professional Development

We are excited to announce, the WSU College for Kids (CFK) program will be under renovation during the summer of 2018 to prepare for a grand opening in the new Education Village anticipated in 2019!

This revisioning “skipped” year of CFK will be spent developing innovative strategies, partnerships, and enhancing programming to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

For more information visit College For Kids.

Young Writers’ Conference: The conference gives elementary and middle school students the opportunity to learn about writing and creativity from three established writers using various genres.
-Dates: May 9-10, 2018
-Project Lead: Joan Sax-Bendix,, 507.457.5361 

Personal Finance Quiz Bowl: Students from regional high schools compete in project-based learning exercises that simulate real world financial scenarios. The project addresses 3 of the 4 standards for the Minnesota Economics Curriculum.
-Date: May 2018
-Project Lead: Bruce Ramsdell,, 507.457.2817 

The Pioneer School is a joint effort between Winona State University and the Winona Historical Society allowing students the opportunity to experience life in the late 1800s during the days of pioneers.
-Dates: Summer 2018
-Project Lead: Bruce Ramsdell,, 507.457.2817