"Together, We Are Education Village"

We hope you will join us as we prepare the next generation of teachers for 21st century education.

About the Education Village Project

In 1858, Winona became home to the first teacher preparation school west of the Mississippi River. Following our sesquicentennial, we began to think about teacher preparation for the 21st century. We intend to integrate the university into the community and its schools, establishing an Education Village near the campus. Fully 20% of WSU students are education majors today, making this project central to the future of our campus.

Our Proposal

Our bonding request is a bold, responsive plan to renovate three buildings and environs (Wabasha Hall, Wabasha Rec and the Cathedral School) into an Education Village of the future that will be designed with integrated, flexible, state-of-the-art learning and teaching spaces. Labs, classrooms, offices, meeting and community spaces will take a cohesive, sensible form and provide space for the extraordinary preparation of extraordinary teachers and school professionals.

Phase I

Phase I of the project would cost $5.9 million. This funding was approved during the 2013-14 legislative session in 2014. In this phase we will work to identify needs and resources, as well as work with a design
firm and/or architect to develop a plan.

Phase II

Phase II of the project will focus on the renovation of 82,696 sq.ft. between Cathedral Elementary School building (built in 1929), Wabasha Recreation Center (built in the 1920s) and Wabasha Hall (built in the 1950s). We plan to repurpose and reuse old, vacant buildings, renovating them for shared community, school and university usage that will renew the surrounding neighborhood. This new space will be used to create new specialty labs and classrooms serving all education programs. Phase II will require an additional $25.3 million, for a total estimated project cost of $31.2 million.