Education Village

Our Charge

WSU's Education Village will prepare teachers whose knowledge and skills are closely aligned with the needs of school districts and communities in Southeast Minnesota and beyond. Our goal is to create a common vision of WSU's Education Village philosophy and mission as a national model to ensure  excellence in pre-service and in-service teaching and as an inspiration for excellence in teaching and learning.

Education Village Innovations



Enthusiastically recruit the best and brightest students to be teachers from backgrounds that represent the growing diversity of state, regional and national communities.


Clinical Experiences

Require clinical experiences early in the pre-service teacher’s college education and continue clinical experiences throughout the program with progressive responsibility.



Create a state-of-the-art, technology-infused learning environment showplace that prepares teachers to be "teaching and learning change agents."


Learning Feedback

Use data and assessment analytics to provide accurate feedback on learning and ensure that every student can be, and is, successful. 


WSU Guarantee

Provide robust professional development experiences for in-service teachers and uphold the "WSU Guarantee" that ensures excellence in preparation for all WSU graduates.


Cultivate Skills

Cultivate awareness, knowledge and skills to increase the teacher exposure and development of cultural competencies in schools, communities, and the region. 


Noble Profession

Recognize the importance of teaching as the noble profession it is and should be. 


Honor Historical Significance

Honor the historical significance of Winona State University's Normal School heritage and it's impact on the city, region, state, nation and the world. 


Work Collaboratively

Working collaboratively with community partners to enrich, inform, and promote quality education for Minnesotans.