Welcome to the College of Education

WSU’s College of Education holds the honor of preparing teachers for over 150 years. Founded as an institution dedicated to education, WSU became the first Normal School for teacher training west of the Mississippi. This teacher preparation foundation provided the opportunity for WSU to expand to five different colleges. Education majors are respected and valued by each of these colleges as together we prepare teachers for 21st Century schools. 

The preparation of teachers, counselors, administrators, and leaders at WSU is an interdisciplinary approach which gives diverse students a solid background in their subject matter and prepares them to be effective and influential educators in public, private, and organizational education in Southeast Minnesota and the world. The WSU graduates are committed to public service and the restoration of the nobility of teaching as a profession. 

Our graduates hold the “WSU Guarantee” of being extraordinary teachers. We take this charge seriously by admitting the best and the brightest prospective teachers. Ongoing academic mentoring and monitoring helps our students succeed and our academic programs continually improve. WSU College of Education students are scholars, servant leaders, and dedicated to the profession of teaching. The hallmark of a WSU COE graduate is a caring, compassionate educator who has the ability to transform the lives of their students through learning. 

Winona State University is a member of a select group of teacher education institutions in the Network for Excellence in Teaching (NExT). The mission of the NExT schools in partnership with the Archibald Bush Foundation is to improve and transform the process of teacher education. We call our initiative “teach21.” Our teach21 partnerships with early childhood centers, K-12 schools, and community education agencies allow our students to engage with Pk-12 students and the professional teaching workforce in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and the world! 

Join us as we strive to improve, innovate, and honor education by anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s learners. Belong to one of the most influential professions throughout history. Our goal as WSU educators is to inspire a love of learning and critical thinking in future generations. You can be a part of this vision!