Geoscience Degree Programs

Geoscience programs at Winona State University prepare students for a broad spectrum of careers and/or entry to graduate school through a discovery-based undergraduate curriculum rich with field and research opportunities. 

Geoscience majors are required to complete a Capstone Experience that often includes a research or internship component. The Capstone is designed to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills that are the foundation of a successful career in the sciences.  

BA Major

Geoscience - Geoscience Option (GSCE) - BA Major 

BS Major

Geoscience - Earth Science (Teaching) (ESCT) - BS Major

Geoscience - Environmental Science Option (GEES) - BS Major

Geoscience - Geology Option (GEGE) - BS Major

Each of these programs leads to a Bachelor’s degree, which equips graduates for employment and prepares them for advanced study in the geosciences and related areas. 

BS Minor

Geoscience (GEOS) - BS Minor