Marijuana 101

Marijuana 101 is an intervention course used for marijuana violations. The course is designed to reduce negative consequences and is presented in a motivational interviewing style.

Please read all instructions (PDF) before enrolling and completing Marijuana 101.


Enroll and Complete Marijuana 101

  • Visit 3rd Millennium Courses.
  • Select "Sign up for a course."
  • When directed to "Enter Control Number," enter code WNSUMJ and click "Continue."
  • You will receive an individual password immediately on the screen and by email.
  • It takes about three hours to complete the course, and you can log in and out as needed.
  • You will receive an email 30 days after you complete the course reminding you to log in and complete the 15-minute follow-up.
    • You will not receive your Certificate of Completion until you finish the course.
    • Upon completion of the course, you and Health Promotion will receive a notification by email.

Pay the Course Fee of $63

This fee will be posted to your student account at the time you are sanctioned. You can pay your student account at the Warrior Hub

Please Note

  • By enrolling online your implied consent is given allowing communication with referral staff regarding completion or failure to complete the Marijuana 101 program. No other information will be relayed to referral staff.
  • Refer to your outcome letter or contact your referral staff person for questions regarding your assigned deadline. 
  • Failure to complete your sanction by the assigned deadline will result in a hold placed on registration and future enrollment.