Alcohol & Drug Education

Whether you plan to incorporate alcohol and marijuana into your college experience or not, it’s best to be aware of the current research and make informed decisions.

Review the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

Marijuana Use on Campus

Although Minnesota state laws allow medical use and recreational use of marijuana, the possession and use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law. 

WSU is required to follow the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, the Controlled Substances Act, and the Campus Security Act, and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board Policy 5.18 Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances on Campus. 

Therefore, the use, possession, production, manufacture, and distribution of marijuana continues to be prohibited while a student is on college or university owned or controlled property or any function authorized or controlled by the college or university.

Education Programs

All these programs are designed to help you make educated decisions about whether or not you choose to use alcohol or marijuana. 

Students often complete these programs as part of a university sanction for violating the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

However, you can opt in to the CHOICES and E-Checkup To Go programs if you are interested in understanding your habits. 

If you need to complete an alcohol education course to fulfill outside requirements, you are welcome to take CHOICES voluntarily. 

Choices: Getting the Facts

In the CHOICES program, students examine their behaviors around alcohol through interactive journaling and discussion presented in a non-confrontational manner.

The program gives students the opportunity to reflect on facts, risks and norms associated with alcohol. It also advices students to make wise choices regarding alcohol consumption. 

  1. Register for the next available CHOICES course
  2. Complete the Online Pre-Assessment sent via WSU email at least 3 days before your course begins. Your course date may be rescheduled if you don’t complete the pre-assessment.
  3. Attend the Course in Full (2 Hours)
  4. Complete the Online Post-Assessment sent via WSU email to receive your CHOICES course ID number
  5. Complete the CHOICES Course Reflection Paper Instructions for this reflection can be found in your hearing letter. Contact your hearing officer if you have any questions.
  6. Submit Your Reflection Paper and course ID number online to your hearing officer

If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, you will not be allowed to participate and must reschedule the course.

You must stay the entire 120 minutes. Any student who leaves early will need to reschedule and repeat the course.

If you have not completed the online pre-test, you will not be allowed to participate and must reschedule the course.

Students who show up but have not registered will not be allowed to participate.

If you do not attend your scheduled CHOICES course, you may have further disciplinary action.

If you need to cancel your registration, you must do so at least 8 hours before the course starts.

Health Promotion reserves the right to cancel a course offering with 3 or fewer registrations.

If a section is canceled, we will automatically move registrations to the next course offering. Cancellations will be announced via email to registered participants.

E-Checkup To Go

E-Checkup To Go programs combine online assessments with face-to-face conversations to help students examine their use of alcohol and marijuana through personalized information about their own use and risk factors.

The programs are updated with the most current and reliable research available.

How to Complete E-Chug and E-Toke Assessments

Read the E-Chug or E-Toke Assessment Instructions (PDF) for completing the assessments.

Then, schedule an E-Chug or E-Toke appointment.

Bring your laptop to the appointment. All appointments take place at The Well (IWC 138).

Course Fees

The CHOICES and E-Checkup To Go courses have a $63 course fee that will be charged to your student account.

All students sanctioned by the university to complete an alcohol or drug education course are automatically charged the course fee at the time they are sanctioned. 

You can pay your student account online through Student eServices or in person at the Warrior Hub.


By enrolling online, you provide your implied consent to allow communication with hearing officers about whether you successfully complete the alcohol and drug education course. No other information will be shared with the hearing officer or referral staff.

Completion Deadlines

Refer to your outcome letter, hearing letter or contact your referral staff or hearing officer for questions about your assigned deadline.

If you fail to complete your sanction by the assigned deadline, this will result in a hold placed on registration and future enrollment.

Data on Alcohol & Drug Prevention Efforts at WSU

WSU is required by federal law to implement a program to prevent the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol for students and employees on school premises and as a part of its activities: 

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