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Healthcare Leadership & Administration

Programs at a Glance

The Healthcare Leadership & Administration (HLA) program consists of two program track options. The Health Leadership (HLL) track gives individuals already working in healthcare the tools and knowledge necessary to advance in their field of expertise.

The Health & Wellness Management (HWM) track is intended for anyone with an earned two-year degree that has a passion for wellness and a desire to lead communities and individuals to live better, healthier lives.

What to Know


  • Coursework: multi-disciplinary and entirely online
  • Students: typically 25 years or older and working full time
  • Time Commitment: 2-3 years
  • Approximate cost: $17,500 + books
  • Career Outlook: industry growth is projected at 11-18% through 2028much faster than average


Our Grads Tell Us

  • “The professors are great. They are approachable and want their students to succeed.”
  • “The curriculum offered a great variety of courses.”
  • “The advising staff was amazing to work with and did a great job supporting me – I didn’t feel like just a number.”
  • “This degree will open up many opportunities for both career advancement and personal growth.”