Life at WSU Beyond the Classroom

Your college experience at WSU includes more than academics.

Many Winona State students participate in clubs and organizations, athletics and intramural sports, theater, dance and community service.

Such activities are a great way to build a social life and gain skills such as leadership, teamwork and responsibility.

These are all skills that help prospective employers and graduate admissions committees get a better idea of who you are and what you can do.

Get to Know Winona

The city of Winona itself offers even more opportunities to connect with people, enjoy nature and experience American culture.

Learn more about Winona and get to know the place you'll call home for the next four years.

Equity & Inclusive Excellence

Winona State is committed to improving cultural diversity and understanding on campus.

The ISSS Office promotes cross-cultural understanding at WSU through the Cross-Cultural Outreach Program.

The Office of Equity and Inclusive Excellence also offers a variety of programs and initiatives for students, faculty, staff and the community.

The goal is to build greater appreciation of all cultures and to prepare all members of our community for successful living in a global society.

Community Engagement

More than half of WSU students participate in community service in Winona, MN and abroad.

In fact, many of our travel-study programs involve service learning across the globe.

The culture of engagement enhances our community and makes an impact on the world.

See how WSU students are giving back to their communities to improve our world.

Warrior Athletics

Winona State University is home to the Warriors athletic teams.

Games are a big event with students, faculty, staff and the community turning out to cheer the Warriors.

Attend a Game Day Experience event and see for yourself!

Student Clubs & Activities

Nearly 170 clubs and organizations, plus leadership programs, intramural and recreational sports, cultural events and more are waiting for you!

Getting involved in a variety of activities helps you create the true Winona State experience.

Follow WSU on social media and check out the Campus Life blog for a sense of student life at WSU.

Housing & Residence Life

Living on campus is exciting, convenient and affordable.

WSU Housing and Residence Life offers resources and experiences that complement students’ academic work.

Hear from current WSU students about what it's like to live in the residence halls.