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Money Management with CashCourse

Smart money management is crucial for success, no matter whether you are a current student, a new alum or an employee with decades of work experience.

However, many people feel anxious and stressed when money is concerned. Often, personal finances seem complicated and impossible to fully understand.

This is where educational tools like CashCourse can help.

What is CashCourse?

CashCourse is a free, web-based resource for students and alumni to learn the concepts important to financial literacy and wellness. The tool is provided free of charge by the National Endowment for Financial Education, a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire educated financial decision making for individuals and families at every stage of life. 

Winona State provides students, alumni, faculty and staff with a WSU specific landing page within CashCourse. Here you can manage, explore and learn about your personal finances in an unbiased, educational environment.

With CashCourse, you can discover:

  • how to apply for financial aid
  • ways to create and stick to a budget
  • strategies to get out of debt
  • how attitudes toward money affect your personal relationships
  • when to start saving for retirement

These are just a few of the topics covered in CashCourse. When armed with information, personal finances are no longer stressful and overwhelming.

You will be able to manage your money confidently and make smart financial decisions now that provide benefits for years to come.

Sign up for a CashCourse Account

To take advantage of CashCourse learning environment, simply register for a free account. All you need to provide is your first and last name, email address and affiliated school. Be sure to select WSU as your affiliated school so you can stay up to date with exclusive information for the Winona State community.

Get the information you need to gain control of your finances for life. Join CashCourse today!