Electric Vehicle Charging

WSU offers 7 electric vehicle (EV) chargers for student, faculty, and public use. 

There are two 15.4kW level 2 chargers at Kryzsko Commons in Silver lot 32, and four 15.4kW level 2 chargers and one 50kW DC fast charger at the IWC in Gold lot 1. The spaces are clearly marked in both lots.  

You do not need a parking permit to park in these designated “EV Parking Only” spaces with your electric vehicle to use the charging stations. This only applies in designated spaces while actively charging, and time limits do apply.

Best Practices for EV Charging 

Designated parking for EVs is new to WSU and to many drivers. 

Driving an Electric Vehicle is becoming increasingly popular. Not everyone is aware of some common EV courtesies and WSU’s associated parking regulations.

Please follow these regulations:

  • Designated “EV Parking Only” spaces are for use by plug-in electric vehicles only
  • Non-plug-in vehicles are not permitted in these spaces at any time
  • EVs must be plugged in and charging when parked in these designated spaces
  • There is a maximum 4-hour charging limit for level 2 chargers and a 2-hour limit for the DC fast charger
  • Limit one charging session per EV per day

Vehicles violating these regulations may be tagged and/or towed away at vehicle owner’s expense and risk.

Pricing, Access & Payment 

All users will need the ZEFNET Charge app to use the WSU chargers. 

With the ZEFNET app, you’ll be able to access the chargers and pay with a credit/debit card. The DC fast charger is also equipped with a credit card reader. 

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