PSEO Students

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) is a program that allows Minnesota high school students to take courses at WSU for dual high school and college credit.

The PSEO program is a great opportunity to get a head start on your college education while saving money. PSEO students do not pay for tuition, course fees, or textbooks. 

You would have to pay for any optional activities and supplemental materials. Normal room and board costs also apply if you choose to live on campus.

Check the Minnesota Department of Education Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Reference Guide (PDF) for guidance, resources and step-by-step directions. 

Eligibility Requirements

If you’re starting your junior year, you must meet one of these criteria:

  • Top 25% class rank
  • 3.50 cumulative GPA
  • 25 ACT composite or higher

If you’re starting your senior year, you must meet one of these criteria:

  • Top 40% class rank
  • 3.30 cumulative GPA
  • 23 ACT composite or higher
PSEO students have a similar admissions process as degree-seeking students do. You must apply to WSU and then work with your high school to get approval for PSEO. 
Apply to WSU for PSEO
A student takes notes on a laptop while a professor speaks to a class.

To continue in the PSEO program, you must re-apply each term of enrollment, meet eligibility standards, and maintain good academic standing at WSU.

Participating in PSEO does not guarantee enrollment at WSU after high school graduation. You will still need to complete the first-year application process.

Advising & Registration
PSEO students must attend a PSEO registration day to meet with an academic advisor and register for classes.
A professor explains concepts drawn on a whiteboard to students during class.

Course Availability 

Registration Day 

Your registration day will take place after all degree-seeking WSU students have had the opportunity to register. Here, you will: 

  • Get your Warrior ID card from the Campus Card office
  • Register for up to 18 credits of general education or lower-level courses. Most full-time PSEO students take 12-16 credits. 
  • Order your books at the WSU Bookstore in Kryzsko Commons. Staff can help pull together the books you need for the semester. 

Before registration day, returning students must have their StarID and password. New students who do not know their StarID must provide their Social Security Number.

eWarrior Laptop Program

PSEO students who are taking 12 credits or more will be provided with a laptop through the eWarrior Digital Life and Learning Program

If you are taking less than 12 credits, you can opt into the laptop program for a fee.

Requirements & Reporting
It is your responsibility to ask your high school staff about graduation requirements at your school. 

This includes understanding credit or course equivalencies.

Check that WSU offers the classes you need to graduate through Student eServices

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It is the student’s responsibility to report their academic progress to the high school. This includes all changes such as adding or dropping classes as well as whether you passed, failed, or withdrew from each class. 

If you do not complete a course in the PSEO program, it may affect your eligibility to graduate from high school. If you are struggling with a class, we recommend taking advantage of our free Tutoring Services.

By the end of each semester, you must request a WSU transcript to be sent to your high school.

Textbooks & Course Materials

PSEO students are provided course textbooks and materials at no charge.

These items are the sole property of Winona State Bookstore. You must return course materials to the bookstore service counter by 5pm on the final day of the term.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out or stop by Maxwell 314.