Navigate Resources

Everything in life has some risk, and you have to learn how to navigate it.

You are not alone, and seeking help is a critical step in being resilient. In addition to connecting with family, friends and other supportive people, using resources at your school or community can be very helpful during difficult times.

Taking advantage of the resources around you is an active step toward building resilience. You can start with just a quick online search and begin exploring a variety of resources available to you.

Ask Yourself:  

  • Which resources have I used before?
  • What are the resources that I've heard other people have used?
  • If the first resource I choose isn't right for me, what are my other options?
  • Am I ready to take another step toward becoming more resilient right now?
  • Do I want to interact with other people face-to-face or explore apps and other activities on my own?
  • Who is an ally who might explore resources with me? 



Student Life and Development -  As a student at WSU, you are able to take advantage of many support services on campus. Explore your options through Student Life and Development Office. 

Counseling and Wellness Services -  Counseling and Wellness Services can serve as resources in of itself or they can help direct you to additional resources.

Health Promotion - Interested in building emotional health skills in activities led by your peers? Check out the events hosted by the WSU Health Promotion team. 

Find Support for Mental Health - The National Alliance on Mental Illness has a Winona chapter. Connect here to build your mental wellness and find out about tools in our community. 

LiveWell Winona Health Resources - Check out this dynamic resource for Winona community-based resources.

NAMI AIR App - NAMI AIR (Anonymous. Inspiring. Relatable) is the new NAMI app, a free, mobile-based social network designed for individuals living with mental health conditions and their family members/caregivers.

Top 10 Mental Health Apps - Check out these recommendations for the top 10 mental health apps.

Developing a Wellness Recovery Plan (PDF) -  Develop your own Wellness Recovery Action Plan to help identify resources available to you.