Dr. Nicholas Wysocki

Dr. Nicholas Wysocki developed the Post-Baccalaureate Multicultural Education Certificate Program (MECP). The Certificate helps working professionals employed in the various professional sectors throughout Southeast Minnesota develop their own multicultural competence as well as critically analyze the equity issues faced by members of diverse communities and workplaces.

Dr. Wysocki completed his undergraduate work at Western Illinois University and his graduate work at the University of Iowa. His area of expertise is the Social Foundations of Education, specifically the Sociology of Education, Multicultural Education, and the History of American Education.

He coordinated study experiences to Puebla, Mexico; Montgomery, Alabama; and St. Paul, Minnesota. He continues to work on the development of clinical experiences for teacher candidates in communities and school districts in Rochester, St. Paul and Winona. Dr. Wysocki also serves on the Board of Directors for the Diversity Council in Rochester, MN.

Dr. Nicholas Wysocki was selected as a Fellow for the Collaborative Leadership Fellows (CLF) Program in 2015. CLF is a community-based leadership program designed to help participants learn and practice the skills of working collaboratively across the county, school district, higher education, business, non-profit, and faith based sectors in Rochester. The program provided Dr. Wysocki the opportunity to identify CLF representatives for an MECP Advisory Group. The community members from these groups will work with the MECP student cohort to examine equity issues most significant to them. It is through these collaborative efforts that Dr. Wysocki will shape the course content and hybrid delivery methods for WSU’s new Multicultural Education Certificate Program.