Join Student Clubs & Organizations

Winona State University has a variety of clubs and organizations. Being part of a club or organization is a lot of fun and we hope that you find a wide variety of activities and events that you can do.

If one doesn’t exist that you would like, you can start your own club!

There are a lot of on-campus resources available to you to be successful in your planning. First and foremost, please consult with your WSU club advisor so they know what you are up to and discuss where they can be of assistance.

The listing below does not represent all clubs and organizations on campus—only those considered active and registered with Student Senate.  

While at Winona State University, we have the following recommendations for your involvement:

  1. Keep doing something you are passionate about
  2. Try something you've never done before – you'll never know if you like it until you try it!
  3. Find something that can enhance your leadership development
  4. Get involved in something that is tied to your academic program(s) of interest

Official Student Clubs & Organizations

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