Request an Exam with Accommodations

Students with accommodations must schedule their exams at least 3 business days in advance. 

It’s a good idea to sign up for all exams at the beginning of the semester so you don’t miss a deadline later.

You are expected to take your exam at the same time as the class, so any variances must be discussed in advance with your professor. 

Your professors may choose to provide accommodations for your exams in a quiet area near the classroom or in their department. They may also prefer that you take your exams in the Access Services Office in Maxwell 314.

WSU-Rochester students will use a quieter room on campus to take exams with accommodations provided by Access Services staff.

Schedule an Exam

Use the Access Services Student Dashboard to schedule an exam: 

  • Log in with your StarID and password, if prompted
  • Select Test Dashboard, then “New Test Request”
  • Choose a valid time on Monday-Friday between 8am -3:30pm
  • Remember the 3-day rule– you have until 4:29pm today to sign up for an exam that is 3 business days from today 
  • Complete all the fields and click “Submit”

You can also see which exams you’ve scheduled to take in the Access Services Student Dashboard. 

Contact Access Services at  if the date or time needs to be changed. 

For more detailed instructions, please consult the Access Services Student Handbook (PDF).

You will receive an email notice telling you that you are too late to sign up. You will be expected to take the exam in class.

We recommend signing up for all exams listed on your syllabi at the beginning of the semester, to avoid the stress of missing deadlines.

Simply email Access Services at  or call 507.457.5878. You may be asked to send correspondence received from your professor to verify the change.

The time will be deducted from the total time allowed for the exam. If it’s more than 30 minutes and the class may already be done with the exam, the professor will be notified of the late start.

It will be up to their discretion if the late test will be accepted.

Notify your professor and Access Services at .

It will be up to your professor’s discretion if and/or when you’re allowed to make it up. Your professor will need to contact Access Services to approve the new time.

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