Understand Your Academic Status

To remain enrolled and graduate from WSU, you must maintain minimum standards for grade point average (GPA) and course completion rate. Students who fall below good standing are notified of their status by the Warrior Hub at the end of each term.

For more information, review the WSU Catalog Academic Standing Policy and refer to the Academic Status Diagram (PDF).

Good Standing

Students who meet or exceed these academic standards are considered in Good Standing:

  • 1.75 minimum WSU cumulative GPA for first 15 credit hours attempted
  • 2.00 minimum WSU cumulative GPA for subsequent credit hours attempted
  • 67% cumulative completion rate for all credits attempted once 5 WSU credits have been attempted. This includes developmental coursework (English 099 and Math 050) and credits accepted in transferring to WSU. 

You can calculate your WSU cumulative completion rate using your transcript in Student eServices. Refer to the GPA Calculator and Completion Rate Calculator for more details.

Academic Warning

Students who fall below the minimum standards are first placed on Academic Warning. Students on Academic Warning are still enrolled and can attend classes.

Students will see a Warning Registration Hold when trying to register for classes. You must complete the Academic Warning Form and attend an Academic Warning meeting with your assigned advisor or an advisor in the Warrior Success Center to lift these holds. 

You have one semester to get back to Good Standing or you will be placed on Academic Suspension.

We encourage you explore some of the resources available to improve your academic success. And remember, academic advisors are always available to help.

Academic Suspension

Students on Academic Suspension are unable to enroll in or attend classes for at least one academic semester.

However, you can submit an academic appeal for readmission. If the appeal is granted, you can remain enrolled for an additional semester on Academic Probation. If your appeal is denied or you choose not to appeal, you will sit out the next semester. 

Students who successfully appeal can still receive financial aid when they are on Academic Probation.

Returning from Academic Suspension 

To return to WSU after sitting out at least one semester, students must:

  1. Complete the online Re-Enrollment Request Process
  2. Schedule an appointment and participate in a suspension re-entry meeting with an academic advisor in the Warrior Success Center to discuss your Re-Enrollment Request Form.

You will need to sign in with your StarID and password. If you do not know your StarID or WSU tech (student) ID number, contact the Warrior Hub at 507.457.2800. 

Contact the Warrior Success Center at 507.457.5878 to schedule your meeting after submitting your re-enrollment request form.

If approved, the student will be readmitted and placed on Academic Probation.

Academic Probation

Once you return from Academic Suspension, you will be put on Academic Probation. If you make satisfactory progress each semester, you can enroll for the next term until you reach the cumulative GPA and completion rate to move into Good Standing.

Satisfactory progress is defined as meeting the minimum standards of a 2.20 GPA and 75% completion rate for the term.


No, only grades earned at Winona State are used to determine the WSU GPA, which determines academic status. You must have a WSU cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher by the time you have attempted 16 credits to be in good standing.

You complete credits by earning an A, B, C, D or P. If you earn an F, W or NC, those credits are considered non-completed.

To calculate completion rate, you simply divide your credits completed successfully by the total number attempted. The minimum cumulative completion rate for good standing is 67%.

Learn more about calculating your completion rate.

Dropping and withdrawing are not the same thing. If you withdraw from a class after the last day to drop with a tuition refund, this will negatively affect your completion rate.

If this causes your credit completion rate to go below the minimum of 67%, you would fall below good standing.

Learn more about the difference between dropping and withdrawing and how each of these choices can affect you.

Yes, repeating a class may affect your academic status. When you repeat a class, only the most recent grade earned is used in calculating your GPA. This is why you can raise your GPA by repeating a class and earning a higher grade.

However, if you repeat a class that you have already passed (with an A, B, C, D or P), you will negatively affect your credit completion rate. This is because each class can only count as completed once.

Both your GPA and your credit completion rate must be above the minimum standards to be in good academic standing.

Generally, it can only help if you are repeating a class you failed—unless you do not pass again, of course.

If you are repeating a class you got a D or better in, consider the impact on your credit completion rate. If you are well-above the 67% minimum completion rate, it might be worth it to raise your GPA.

In addition, some degree programs limit the number of times a course can be repeated. Talk to your academic advisor before making the decision to repeat a class.

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