Worldly Warriors Photo Contest

Congratulations to our contest winners and thanks to all who voted! Our Worldly Warriors have been to some wonderful places and took some amazing photos. Check out our most recent winners in our Facebook photo album.

You can see all entries in their respective category albums below.

Check out the Environment Entries!

  • 1st place, Emma Herbeck on WSU's Health Promotion in a Developing Country Faculty-led Program in Peru. 

Check out the Behind the Scenes Entries

  • 1st place, Kendra Nusbaum on API's semester program in Valparaiso, Chile.

Check out the Worldly Warriors and Selfies!

  • 1st place, Katie Pliner on WSU's Sports Management & Law in Portugal & Spain.

Check out the Video Entries!

  • 1st place, Grace Jacobs for "My Proposal" in Paris, France.

Photo Contest Details

The photo contest was open to any presently enrolled WSU student, faculty, or staff who has studied or traveled off campus in the past two years. The entire WSU community was invited to vote on submissions to identify winners in these categories: 

  • Worldly Warriors and Selfies
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Environment
  • Video

We encouraged submissions that illustrate something unique to the culture/experience. Winning photos tend to be the ones that engage the viewer and draw them in.

Select photos will be printed in the Photo Contest Calendar for the upcoming year.

Photo Contest Timeline 2019-2020 

  • January 1, 2020 – April 30, 2020 at 11:59pm – Submissions accepted
  • May 1 - May 8, 2020 at 9am – Submissions displayed for voting
  • May 8 – Winners announced

The entire WSU community (and beyond) will be invited to vote to determine winners!

Select entries are printed in the Worldly Warriors Photo Calendar for the upcoming year.

Entering the Photo Contest

Entries are accepted January 1, 2020 through May 8, 2020 at 9am.

We encourage photos & videos that illustrated something unique to your experience, showing sensitivity to the host culture. Winning photos tend to be the ones that engage the viewer and draw them in.

While photos of yourself on the beach or in front of Big Ben can be great (in fact, that’s perfect for the Selfie category!), we asked students to think beyond that: show us what’s behind the scenes of your host community. Give us a glimpse of what’s unique or special about where you were and who you met.

Photos that include the following types of content will be excluded from the contest:

  • Representations of illegal activity; 
  • Images that appear to threaten the health or safety of any individual or group;
  • Images that are obscene;
  • Images that violate the WSU code of student conduct.


  • You must be a Winona State University student, or faculty/staff member.
  • You must not have submitted these photos in any previous Worldly Warriors photo contest.
  • All entries were taken in the last two years by you while studying/traveling off-campus and are your property.


  • You may submit up to 3 photos in each category:
    • Worldly Warriors and Selfies – Whether you’re wearing Winona gear or not, we want to see YOU in the places you’ve loved.
    • Behind the Scenes – There’s more to your destination than the typical photo op. Give us an image that portrays student life, real local culture, or intercultural interactions.
    • Environment – What built or natural wonders inspired or awed you? These photos may or may not have people in them, but they still give you a sense of place.
    • Video – submit a video of up to 60 seconds, highlighting a unique experience or learning opportunity you had while away.

  • The form will ask you to describe briefly
  1. where you went for study abroad (or travel experience)?
  2. why this experience was important to you - basically, why did you do it?
  3. why did you choose to go on this particular program?
  4. the biggest impact of the experience on you. Try to focus on the one or two significant things that matter most to you about having done this. 
We may use this in future office publications, so you may want to type this out in advance, then copy and paste your answer into this form.
  • The form will also ask for a title, location, and description for each photo you submit. Your name, and some of this information may be attributed to your photo on Facebook and/or in the Photo Contest calendar, after the contest is complete, so bear that in mind. 
  • Please note that submissions will not be considered unless you agree to the permission statement in the form by checking the Permissions box. The permission statement reads as follows: 
    • I voluntarily agree to participate in the Photo Contest sponsored by the Study Abroad office at Winona State University. I understand the document(s) I submit will become property of the Study Abroad office and any or all portions may be reproduced without written consent. By checking the box provided on this agreement, I verify that I am the one who took the photo(s) which I am submitting to the Worldly Warriors Photo Contest. I give permission to the Study Abroad office to release any information I provide on this form, including but not limited to: name, photograph, and commentary about my travel experience.
  • Submissions were accepted via a Qualtrics survey

Voting for Photos

We’ll display submitted photos in May 2020 on Facebook. Vote by liking your favorites! Open voting occurs from May 1-8, 2020. Voting will close on the 8th at 9am. We asked entrants to encourage friends & family to vote too!

Winners were decided by number of likes by 9am on the 8th. No winner was eligible for more than one prize. If a student won multiple times, they received the highest prize; the next highest went to the person with the next highest number of votes.


    Student winners in each category received prizes listed below. Please note that no winner was eligible for more than one prize.

    • First Place: $50 Amazon gift card
    • Second Place: $25 Amazon gift card