WSU semester Abroad student.

Semester Abroad

Selecting a Semester Program

Winona State University offers a list of approved programs in almost all regions of the world. These programs have been reviewed and approved by WSU faculty and staff for excellent academic quality, as well as outstanding student service. You can search for programs and apply to WSU-approved semester study away programs by clicking below.

Search for Study Away Programs

Affordable Programs

Curious to see where some of our most affordable programs are? You might be surprised!

Application deadlines for semester study away:
October 1 - Spring semester
February 1 - Summer semester
March 1 - Fall semester

How to Apply:
Semester Application Instructions: Please follow these instructions to apply for a semester/summer study abroad program.


Types of Semester Programs

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are the most affordable study away choice. You pay your usual WSU tuition, but pay room and board to the host institution. Typically students are integrated with host country students.

Search for exchange programs by typing “exchange” in the program search.

Direct Enrollment Programs

WSU has agreements with specially selected universities that allow students to direct enroll as an international student at their institution. You pay host institution tuition, room and board. Students sign up for courses at the host institution just as you would if you were on campus at WSU.

Search for Direct Enroll programs by choosing Direct Enroll under the heading Parameters in the Program Search.

Provider Programs

WSU-approved Provider Programs offer a variety of program options for students. You might take classes at a host university or attend classes at the Provider’s study center or both. Program opportunities may include internships, excursions, and other community-based learning opportunities. Costs vary depending on the specific program you select, the destination, and other factors.

Need more help?

Your first step is to email to make an appointment with a Peer Advisor.