Nursing Courses - Pre-Licensure

The Pre-Licensure Option is 4 semesters, totaling 59 credit hours.

Students admitted to begin the nursing major are assigned to either the Winona or Rochester Campus.

Students assigned to the Rochester campus attend upper division nursing classes at WSU-Rochester.

Students assigned to the Winona campus continue to attend classes in Winona. Campus assignment determines location of clinical facilities.

Pre-Licensure (Generic Option) Curriculum for students admitted to the major:

Term 1 (16 Credits)

 Course Number
Course Title
 NURS 341
 Therapeutic Applications of Nursing Skills & Health Assessment  4
 NURS 343
 Professional Practice I  5
 NURS 344  Leadership in Basic Nursing Practice  2
 NURS 360  Pharmacology
 NURS 366  Pathophysiology  3

Term 2 (14 Credits)

Course Number
 Course Title
 NURS 352  Caring for the Older Adult  3
 NURS 353  Professional Practice II  6
 NURS 354  Leadership in Research and Evidence-Based Practice  3
 NURS 358  Psychosocial Adaptation  2


Term 3 (14 Credits)

 Course Number  Course Title  Credits
 NURS 421  Nursing of Childbearing Families  2
 NURS 422  Nursing of Childrearing Families  2
 NURS 426  Clinical Prevention and Population Health I  4
 NURS 443  Professional Practice III  3
 NURS 446  High Acuity/Progressive Care  3

Term 4 (15 Credits)

Course Number
 Course Title  Credits
 NURS 427  Clinical Prevention and Population Health II  2
 NURS 444
 Leadership in Contemporary Healthcare Settings
 NURS 453  Professional Practice IV  4
 NURS 454  Immersion in Nursing Practice: Senior Capstone
 NURS 458  Complex Mental Health Care  2

See the university catalog for course descriptions for the Generic Option (NUGE).