Wellness at Winona State University

At WSU, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to practice personal wellbeing. With wellness programs, services and activities right on campus, there are many ways to stay active and engaged as whole, healthy person for a more fulfilling life.

Sleep Well (and Often)

Sleep is a notoriously underrated part of staying healthy, especially on a college campus. Check in on your sleep habits with the National Sleep Foundation Sleep Questionnaire

Feeling sleepy between classes? Find a perfect spot with the Nap Map and catch a quick snooze.

Become Resilient

Every day brings constant change—sometimes for the good, and sometimes bad. Being resilient helps you adapt to and overcome life's challenges. 

Learn about how to build up your resilience

Opportunities for Faculty & Staff

Take advantage of fitness classes and a walking track during your lunch hour. 

WSU faculty and staff also have access to IWC memberships, community challenges and many more wellness opportunities

Explore Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is more than just keeping physically healthy. Like most aspects of life, wellness is a layered practice that touches on social relationships, understanding emotions, workplace satisfaction and more.


Explore the seven dimensions of wellness